28ASR - 8 Level Version
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The New Teletype  8 - LEVEL Message And Data Communications C e n t e r

The DATA-COMMUNICATION SET offers the finest in a self-contained communications center for those requiring versatility in their business communications systems.

The versatility of the DATA-COMMUNICATION SET is in its ability to prepare and communicate data by employing in various combinations its keyboard, pageprinter, tape punch, and tape reader components. These components are electrically controlled and interoperated.

This set operates on serial signals at a speed of 600 operation s per minute (10 characters per second), using an 8-level code which is compatible with other 8-level business machine codes




Data-Communication Set


THE PAGE PRINTER - is operated from the local keyboard or tape readers, or from incoming on-line serial signals from external equipment. Information is typed on sprocket-fed business forms, or as plain message copy. All alphabet characters are in "caps" only.

THE TAPEPUCH - like the page printer, is operated from the local keyboard or tape readers, or from incoming on-line serial signals from external equipment. In this case, information is code-punched into I-inch wide, continuous roll tape.

THE TWO TAPE READERS - sense information codes in punched tape to operate the local page printer and tape punch, or to transmit on-line serial signals to external equipment. The two tape readers can be arranged as a "flip-flop" reading operation, in which specific sections of each tape are intermixed at programmed intervals, resulting in the transmission of blended information. The tape readers can be conditioned to "STOP" from a programmed code in the tapes to permit the introduction of additional information. They can also be s topped by keyboard control. When required, character-by-character stepping of the tape readers can be accomplished from keyboard controls. Each tape reader is equipped with the "tight-tape" stop "end of tape" stop and "free wheeling" feature to facilitate insertion of tape.   

THE KEYBOARD - is a 4-row arrangement similar to the standard typewriter keyboard, having in addition, various on-line and local control keys for functions such as tabulation, combined carriage return and line feed, form out, etc. It also contains other buttons and switches for controlling local operations only. The keyboard is used to operate the local page printer or tape punch, or to transmit 'on-line serial signals to external equipment .


Motor: 110 VAC, 60c/s, 3600 RPM Synchronous motor, 1/12 HP

Height: 39"

Width: 36"

Depth: 23-1/2"

Weight: (with keyboard) 260 Ibs , (approx .. )

Signal Pattern:    8 level; 10. 5 Unit Code

Signaling Speeds:    600 characters per minute




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