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American Communications Corporation



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American Telephone Devices for the Deaf TDD



Green, Blue or Red letters - large, 1/2" high bright letters that can be read from a distance of 25 feet. Memory - will retain 900 characters of the incoming message. Depressing the Recall Memory Key causes the message you just received to flow across the screen at a normal rate of speed, or if you choose, a slow rate. Message can be recalled.

Emergency Messages - automatically sends out a TTY call for police, fire or ambulance with your. name and address. This option allows you freedom to handle the emergency. Other programmed messages also available.

Micro Processor - a microprocessor control with one-third less parts and maximum reliability. Keyboard - allows for fast typing.


AM COM II From  The Zimet/Black Collection at  SMECC

American Communication Corporation
180 Roberts Street, East Hartford, CT 06108
Tel. TTY or Voice (203) 289-xxxx



From 1885 TDI Blue Book

1981 Conference Book

mcm becomes an Am Com product - 1982 blue book back cover small 900


So apparently AM-COM bought MAGSAT or evolved  from them!?!?



And it is renamed  from teh MAGSAT 1 to the AM-COM 1

From 1885 TDI Blue Book



Photo from the Michael Kane Collection at  SMECC

This  TTY  is from Michael Kane, who teaches at NTID.
Mike has added this  unit to the display at SMECC





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