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For a period of time during the 1990’s, the long-running Silent News, a favorite publication for Deaf people all around America, had its office in Rochester, New York, under the editorships of Tom Willard and subsequently Valerie Nelson-Metlay.  As a favor for the dedicated readers of Rochester, a complimentary issue of “Deaf Rochester”, which consisted of news around Rochester, was inserted in each Silent News issue mailed out to subscribers.  When the Silent News office moved to New Jersey around 1996, publishing of the “Deaf Rochester” ceased.  What happened the following year is explained in the editorial of the newly-revived magazine, retitled “Deaf Rochester News”. 

The Deaf Rochester News today is no longer in existence.




(Welcome  from the PREMIERE ISSUE, February 1997)



Welcome to the new Deaf Rochester News!


Through the zealous efforts of the Deaf Rochester's former editor, Val Nelson-Metlay, and the generosity of Julius and Harriet Wiggins, the publishers of the Silent News which has relocated in New Jersey, the renamed Deaf Rochester News is now in print. The

Wiggins gave the rights of the new magazine to the Rochester Recreation Club of the Deaf (RRCD), with the understanding that the deaf organizations of Rochester will be working together to publish the Deaf Rochester News. RRCD will oversee the management of the newsmagazine, but it will be self-supporting.


This is a complimentary issue. It was sent to you from an existing list to let you know we are back. This will be the only free issue you will receive, but we have extras in the office if you'd like to share with your friends.


After February, all issues will be by subscription only. Deaf Rochester News will publish six issues this year until it is firmly back on its feet, dependent on subscriptions and advertisements. We will need the strong support of the Rochester community and friends to help keep this publication running.


Many thanks go to the Deaf Rochester Advisory Group, consisting of thirteen concerned Deaf leaders from the Rochester Deaf community. They have met for four months to make the Deaf Rochester News possible. They are Elissa Olsen, RRCD's liaison; Cliff

Andrews, Bill Brown, Tom Callaghan, Chuck DiVincenzo, Deanna DiVincenzo, Barbara Fuller, Robert Fuller, Alan T. Hurwitz, Edward B. Lord, Howard G. Mann, Val Nelson-Metlay and myself.


Deaf Rochester News cannot overlook the generosity of RRCD's President, Paul L.Taylor, who opened the clubhouse for our meetings, and who also made it possible for the office to locate there.  I volunteered to be editor for this issue, with assistance from the advisory group.


The Deaf Rochester News office is located at the RRCD building on 1564 Lyell Avenue. We will be open on a part-time basis for the time being. Our address is Deaf Rochester News, P.O. Box 22957, Rochester, NY 14692-2957. The phone numbers are 254-6730 TTY and 254-6777 FAX.


Consider buying a subscription to the Deaf Rochester News; the subscription form can be found on page 15. Tell your friends about us, and encourage them to subscribe. We're excited to be serving you!


Welcome aboard!


Sally Taylor, Acting Editor

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READ October/November 1997 TEST SCAN 




The Deaf Rochester News today is no longer in existence.

Please enjoy these scanned back issues. Contribution of a high speed scanner  will get more issues up here faster! 

Thanks to Sally Taylor  for providing back issues of 
Deaf Rochester News  for the museum's  collection.

- Ed Sharpe Archivist for SMECC





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