Honeywell Datamatic 1000
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1955 Honeywell computer business was originated from the Datamatic Corporation, founded in Newton MA, as a joint-venture by Raytheon and Honeywell, to produce large-scale computer systems. Raytheon sells its 40% interest to Honeywell in 1957..
1957 Installation of the first Datamatic D-1000 to Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Michigan.


Looking for anyone with Honeywell 1000 DATAmatic Background... also looking for more parts and books and photos for the display inside the museum. thanks....
DATAMATIC 1000              BRL 1961, DATAMATIC 1000, start page 0214
Thanks to  Ed Thelen for allowing us to mirror this section

                  Datamatic 1000 Electronic Data Processing System
    Minneapolis Honeywell Regulator Company
    DATAmatic Division
    Newton 61, Massachusetts

    Photo by Minneapolis-Honeywell Regulator Company

          Manufacturer System is designed and used for
       commercial (business and scientific applications.
          Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Company Located on the
       10th Floor, B&0 Central Building, Baltimore, Maryland, the
       system is used for payroll, freight revenue accounting, and
       car accounting.
          First National Bank of Boston Located at the Main
       Office in Boston, Massachusetts, the system is used for
       Deposit Accounting, Check Reconcilement, and Corporate Trust
       Accounting including maintenance of stockholders' ledgers,
       preparation and processing of cash dividends, stock
       dividends, proxies, addressing mailable materials, stock
       subscriptions, etc. It is used for Loan Accounting, including
       factoring (accounts receivable consumer loans, commercial and
       real estate loans, revolving Check-Credit loans, etc.
       Additional applications for the future include Savings
       Accounting, Payroll, Expense Distribution, Personal Trust
       Accounting and Safe Deposit Accounting.
          Michigan Hospital Service Located on the 6th Floor 3t
       441 E. Jefferson, Detroit 26, Michigan, the system is used
       for daily maintenance of subscriber records and verification
       of hospital and medical benefits, premium billing, premium
       accounting and statistics, and claim accounting and
     Minneapolis-Honeywell Regulator Co.-TCG Division Located
    at 2753 4th Avenue South,Minneapolis, Minnesota, the system
    is used for payroll, account distribution, accounting
    ledgers, factory labor efficency, file maintenance, sales
    statistics, factory scheduling, standard cost calculation,
    and inventory extension.
          Treasury Department The system is located on the
       Second Floor at 214 Seventh Street, Parkersburg, West
       Virginia. Operations are concerned with the issuance and
       retirement of Series E, United States Savings Bonds in poach
       card form sold to the public beginning October 1,1957.
BRL 1961, DATAMATIC 1000, start page 0215 

    Photo by the First National Bank of Boston
    The original bonds and registration stubs are used to prove
    the accuracy of shipments from issuing and paying agents and
    establish alphabetic and numeric registration records to
    provide a status record of every United States Savings card
    bond printed. Alphabetic files are maintained by the name of
    the bond owner and numeric files are maintained by bond
    serial number to reflect the issuance and retirement of each
    bond. These records serve as search media to answer
    inquiries relative to card bond holdings and the status
    thereof. Reports are produced to reflect classified charges
    to the U.S. Treasurer's account and to provide the Division
    of Public Debt Accounts and Audit, Washington, with
    accounting data for the maintenance of outstanding savings
    bond interest accounts.
                          PROGRAMMING AND NUMERICAL SYSTEM
    Internal number system              Binary coded decimal and
                                         coded alphanumeric
    Decimal digits/word                 12
    Alphanumeric digits/word             8
    Decimal digits/instruction          12
    Instructions per word                1
    Instructions decoded                 1
    Arithmetic system                   Fixed point
    Instruction type                    Three address (normal)
                                        Four address (subsequence
    Number range                        0-9, 0-16 and 0-64
    Floating point operation may be programmed.
             ARITHMETIC UNIT
            Incl Stor Access    Exclud Stor Access
             Microsec            Microsec
    Ana        230.4             58
    Mult      1, 008            835
    Div        2,304          2,131
    Construction    Vacuum tube amplifiers, crystal diodes
                    logic and packaged type construction.
    Rapid access word registers      7
    Arithmetic mode                  Serial
    Timing                           Synchronous
    Operation                        Sequential
BRL 1961, DATAMATIC 1000, start page 0216 

    Photo by Baltimore and Ohio Railroad
    System is primarily sequential. Transfer of information to
    and from the high speed storage unit is concurrent. The
    operation times given above under "Including Storage
    Access" include checking time. The capacity of the
    accumulator is 11 decimal digits with sign in addition and
    subtraction or 22 decimal digits with sign in
    multiplication and division. Parallel reading and writing
    of 31 channels on magnetic tape with serial handling of
    bits comprising each character and word. Access to high
    speed storage is parallel. Arithmetic operations are
    serial. Decimal digits are in binary coded decimal,
    alphanumeric characters are in a six-bit code.
                    No. of    Decimal  Access
     Media          Words     Digits    Microsec
    Magnetic Cores   2,000   24,000      12
    Magnetic Cores   248      2,976      20
    Magnetic Tape
    No. of units that can be connected    100 Units
    No. of chars/linear inch 600 dec,     400 alpha char/in
    Channels or tracks on the tape         31 Channels
    Tape speed                            100 Inches/sec
    Transfer rate     60,000 dec, 40,000 alpha char/sec
BRL 1961, DATAMATIC 1000, start page 0217 


    Physical properties of tape
                               3 Inches
     Length of reel        2,700 Feet
     Composition         Plastic sandwich
       Baltimore & Ohio RailroadCompany
    Medium               No. of Words  No. of Digits/Word
    Core                  2,000    12 mum    8 alpha
       First National Bank of Boston
            No. of  No. of    Access
    Medium  Words   Digits    Microsec
    Core            2,000       24,000 28
       Michigan Hospital Service
    Magnetic Core 2,000  24,000  28.852-bit word
     Minneapolis-Honeywell Regulator Co.-TCG Division
    Core           2,000        12 10
       Treasury Department
    Ferrite Core   2,000   24,000 Approx. 10
    Magnetic Tape 3,100,000   37,200,000    2.5 Min.
     The ferrite core storage is internal, the magnetic
    tape storage is external.
    Media              Speed
    Punched Cards      900 cards/min (Input Converter)
    Paper Tape          10 char/sec (via console)
    Keyboard          Manual(via console)
    Magnetic Tape   60,000 dec dig/sec (On line tape
       Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Company
    Cards       (1200 Input900 cards/min
       First NationalBank of Boston
    Punch       Cards900 cards/min
     Paper tape is to be added.
       Michigan Hospital Service
    Cards       900 cards/min
    Magnetic Tape60,000 dig/sec
      Input is via card reader to magnetic tape to central
     Minneapolis-Honeywell Regulator Co.-TCG Division
    Punched Card        900 cards/min
      Card editing is possible.
       Treasury Department
    Paper        Tape60 char/min
    Cards       900 cards/m-in
      Card data is converted on magnetic tape. Magnetic tape is
     input to central processor at 60,000 decimal digits/sec.
      One reel of tape is 2,700 feet long, 3 inches wide, and
     can store 37,200,000 decimal digits or 28,200,000 alphabetic
     characters. Input to the system is punched cards; input to
     the central processor is magnetic tape or paper tape.
     Media                Speed
    Punched Cards        100/min (Output Converter)
    Printing             900 lines/min (Output Converter)
    Paper Tape            10 char/sec (via console)
    Magnetic Tape     60,000 dec dig/sec (On line tape
    Character-at-a-Time   10 char/sec (Console Typewriter)
    Paper Tape            Input Converter
    Paper Tape            Output Converter
       Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Company
      Media          Speed
    1400 Output Converter 800 lines/min
    1300 Output Converter 150 lines/min
    (Modified IBM 407)
    1300 Output Converter 100 cards/min
    (Modified IBM 519)
       First National Bank        of Boston
    Printed Page   900 lines/min
    (160 characters/line, 2 printers)
    Printed Page   150 lines/min
    (120 characters/line, 1 printer)
    Cards          100 cards/min
       Michigan Hospital Service
    Magnetic Tape 60,000 digits/sec
    Printed Page   900 lines/min
     Anelex high speed printer at 120 char/line.
     Minneapolis-Honeywell Regulator Co.-TCG Division
    Printed Page   900 lines/min
     Printer has 120-160 char/line, 55 characters
    Printed Page   150 lines/min
     Printer has 120-120 char/line, 47 characters
    Cards          100 cards/min
       Treasury Department
    Magnetic Tape60,000 dec dig/sec
    Punched Card   100 cards/min
    Printed Page   900 lines/min
      The output of the central processor is on magnetic tape
     only. The data on the tape is printed and/or punched "off
                          CIRCUIT ELEMENTS OF ENTIRE 
    Tubes              3,600
    Tube types Type  6145 and other computer quality types
    Crystal Diodes    60,000
    Magnetic Cores1   17,000
    Transistors          500
     The above figures are for the Central Machine.
    Separate Cabinets10 Types (building block units)
    Size of installation is dependent on application. Up to 100
    magnetic tape units may be used in on-line operation.
                                 CHECKING FEATURES
      Every word contains checking digits. Transfer weight
     count check. Arithmetic weight count check. Special circuit
     checking. Selection and order verification checking.
      Blank column and multiple punch column detection is under
     control of the operator of the Input Converter.
      Marginal checking circuitry included in addition to the
    Power, computer   94.6 Kw  110 KVA     0.86 pf
    Power, air cond.  49.2 Kw   60 KVA     0.82 pf
    Area, computer             550 sq ft
    Floor loadingLess than     125 lbs/sq ft
    Weight, computer        70,000 lbs
      Air conditioner is built in. No user requirements.
      The above weight and power figures include 10 magnetic
     tape installations. Space figure excludes aisles and work
     areas The total is 4,500 sq ft.

BRL 1961, DATAMATIC 1000, start page 0218 


    The clear space to ceiling is 8 ft. 3 in. Recommended floor
    space 40 by 100 feet (for minimum installation). Voltage
    requirements - 208 volts, 3 phase, 60 cycle.
       Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Company
    Power, computer        230 KVA
    Volume, computer    67,500 cu ft
    Area, computer       7,500 sq ft
    Floor loading           60 lbs/sq ft
                            50 lbs/sq ft
    Weight, computer123,000 lbs
      Site is prepared with perforated metal false ceiling.
     Plenum between false and building ceiling, false floor - 2
     ft x 4 ft sections made of aluminium honeycomb, power
     distribution units supplied b manufacturer. Air
     conditioning (chilled water installed for 70oF. + 2oF.
       First National Bank of Boston
    Power, computer 160 Kw  200 KVA    0.8 pf
    Power, air cond. 40 Kw  44 KVA     0.9 Pf
    Volume, computer6,065 cu ft
    Vole, power room825 cu ft
    Volume, air conditioner 60 cu ft
    Area, computer945 sq ft
    Area, power room200 sq ft
    Area, air conditioner   20 sq ft
    Room size, computer5,025 sq ft
    Room size, power room   600 sq ft
    Room size, air condition95 sq ft
    Floor loading22 lbs/sq ft
                    125 lbs concen max
                     35 lbs/sq ft power room
    Capacity, air conditioner          15 Tons
    Weight, computer170,300 lbs
    Weight, power room22,000 lbs
    Weight, air conditioner 3,065 lbs
      Site preparation included a 15-ton air conditioner for
     magnetic tape room (including circulating water supply,
     false floors and partitions for three rooms (MFU, CPU, and
     converters) and an independent power supply.
       Michigan Hospital Service
    Power, computer 184 Kw  200 KVA    0.8 pf
    Volume, computer5,700 cu ft
    Area, computer4,450 sq ft
    Floor loading24 lbs/sq ft
                    710 lbs concen max
    Capacity, air conditioner     64 Tons
    Weight, computer     106,400 lbs
    Air conditioning system packaged units include 35
    tons built into computer, 16 tons for Tape File
    Room, 8 tons for High Speed Printer and Personnel,
    and 5 tons for Personnel in Central Processor,.
      The site has a dropped metal pan ceiling with sound proof
     bats in each pan. This ceiling is not used as an air
     condition plenum. The building is of steel and concrete
     construction. Power for the Data Processor is located on the
     roof of the building together with the motor generators,
     electrical panels, compressors, vacuum pump, and individual
     water tower. The compressors are situated on the 6th floor
     of the building. Power, water, and air lines come from the
     8th floor to the ceiling of the 5th floor. All such lines
     are suspended from the ceiling of the 5th floor and stub up
     through the concrete floor wherever necessary to feed the
      individual units. A free floor was designed and installed to
     cover all signal wires. Air conditioning is by package units
     which feed through ducts above the pan ceiling to various
     outlets. Package air conditioning units are equipped with
     steam to be used for either heating or humidity control.
     Minneapolis-Honeywell Regulator Co.-TCG Division
    KVA, computer      20C
    Vole, computer62,000 cu ft
    Area, computer5,900 sq ft
    Room size  5,900 sq ft
    Floor loading125 lbs/sq ft
         40 lbs concen max
    Capacity, air conditioner          35 Tons
    Weight, computer110,000 lbs
      Each unit is self cooled. False ceiling is installed for
     appearance. Power central setup to provide stable power.
     Power is 208 volts, 3 phases,
    4 wire, 60 cycles.
       Treasury Department
    Power, computer 170.44 Kw 213-05 KVA0.80 pf 208V.
    Vole, computer9,'(51 cu ft
    Vole, air conditioner891 cu ft
    Area, computer1,513 sq ft
    Area, air conditioner270 sq ft
    Roomy size 8,400 sq ft
    Floor loading101 lbs/sq ft
        267 lbs concen max
    Capacity, air conditioner          45 Tons
    Weight, computer153,250 lbs
      Total includes built in air conditioning
     Weight, air conditioner 8,175 lbs
      Total includes 3 separate air conditioning units
      Site preparations were made at the time the building was
     erected. The building is of brick and concrete construction
     with steel girders and concrete floors. Special features in
     the area include: false flooring; glass enclosures for the
     input-output converter room, central processor room,
     magnetic file room, and engineer's room; inter-com system
     between four areas; dehumidifiers in the magnetic file room;
     air and water ducts; acoustical tile ceiling for all rooms;
     power ducts to all rooms from central power roam; and air
     conditioning for the area.
                            COST, PRICE AND RENTAL RATES
       Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Company
     1 Model 1000 Central Processor    $21,500/mo.
    12Model 1100 Magnetic File Units   10,800/mo.
     3Model 1170 File Switching Units  570/mo.
     1Model 1200 Input Converter, with 3,325/mo.
      card reader
     1  Model 1300 Output Converter    1,800/mo.
    1 Model 1400 Output Converter, in- 3,500/mo.
      cluding high speed printer
    1 Model 1900 Central Power1,750 mo.
                             3,2 5 mo.
    Additional equipment includes IBM 407 at $800/month and IBM
    519 at $944/month.
       First National Bank of Boston
    For the equipment listed, the total monthly rental
    is $43,475.
       Michigan Hospital Service
    One Central Processor    $21,500
    Eight Magnetic Tape Units    7,200
    One Card Reader and Input Converter          3,325
    One File Reference Unit    550
    One Output Converter and High Speed          3,500
     (Including maintenance)
                             $ ,075

BRL 1961, DATAMATIC 1000, start page 0219 

                      Minneapolis-Honeywell Regulator Co.-TCG Division
                                                                 Purchase     Rental
    Quantity Model        Unit                                   Price        One Shift
     1   1000 Central Processor including High-Speed Memory
              Arithmetic-Control Units
              Input and Output Buffers
              Read-Write Unit
              Central Console
              Unit Air Conditioning                               $985,000    $21,500
     11  1100 Magnetic File, Unit including Amplifier Unit         660,000     14,850
     2   1170 File Switching Unit                                   19,200        380
     1   1200 Card Input System including 900-card-per-minute Card
              Analyzer and Converter Control Unit                  185,000      3,325
     1   1300 Output Converter Control Unit                        100,000      1,800
     1   1310 Adapter for 150-line-per-minute printer (used with
              Model 1300 Output Converter Control Unit)             13,000        200
     1   1320 Adapter for 100-card-per-minute punch (used with
              Model 1300 Output Converter Control Unit)              1,900         35
     1   1400 Output Printing System including 900-line-per-minute
              printer and Converter Control Unit                   215,000      4,300
                                                                ----------    -------
                                                        Total   $2,179,100    $46,390
     Maintenance service contract is $20,000 month (Purchased).

       Treasury Department
    Installation of the DATAmatic System    $87,777
      Central Processor
      Auxiliary Central Processor
      16 Magnetic File Units
      4 File Switching Units
      3 Card Input Systems
      Converter Control Unit, Low Speed
      IBM 519 Summary Punch
      Output Printing System, High Speed
    Power Room installation and equipment   8,035
    Cost of False Flooring   39,740
         Approximate Installation Cost $135,552
    176  Hours, Basic Monthly Rental Charge:
      Central Processor     $21,500
      Auxiliary Central Processor3,900
      16 Magnetic File Units at $1,350 21,600
      4 Switching Units at $190 760
      3 Card Input Systems at $3,325   9,975
      Converter Control Unit, Low Speed     535
      IBM 519 Summary Punch     144
      Output Printing System, High Speed
                 Basic Monthly Rental $62,714
    Excess Use Time per Month:
      Central Processor at $61.08/hour $20,161.80
      Auxiliary Central Processor at
       $11.08/hour          3,71-1.80
      16 Magnetic File Units at $3.84/hr         6,566.40
      4 Switching Units at $.54/hour        115.56
      3 Card Input Systems at $9.45/hour         132.30
      Output Printing System at $12.22/hr        2,566.20
    Average Excess Use Time Cost per Month  $33,254.06
    Basic Cost              $62,714.00
    Excess Use Time Cost    33,254.06
        Total Approximate Monthly Cost $95,      =
    System maintenance and service are included in the
    monthly rental charge. Power room maintenance and
    service are covered under a separate contract which
    averages $4,000 annually.
       Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Company
                       One 8-Hour Shift
    Supervisors                   5
    Analysts and Programmers     35
    Librarians                    1
     Operation tends toward closed shop.
      Methods of training used includes a combination
     manufacturer's formal sessions and informal on-job
       First National Bank of Boston
                    One 8-Hour Shift
    Supervisors            1
    Analysts               5
    Programmers           11
    Coders                 2
    Clerks                 3
    Operators              2
    In-Output Oper         6
    Tape Handlers          2
      Methods of training used includes 4 weeks in
     manufacturer's school and on-the-,job training.
       Michigan Hospital Service
                    One 8-Hour Shift
    Supervisors            1
    Analysts               3
    Programmers           12
    Clerks                 2
    Operators              1
    In-Output Oper         2
    Tape Handlers          1
      Operation tends toward open shop.
      Methods of training used includes programming training by
     Minneapolis-Honeywell and operator training by Michi an
     Hospital Service (detailed operating instructions.

BRL 1961, DATAMATIC 1000, start page 0220 

     Minneapolis-Honeywell Regulator Co.-TCG Division
            One 8-Hour Two 8-Hour Three 8-Hour
             Shift  Shift   Shift
    Supervisors       1       1   1
    Programmers      17      17  17
    Clerks     4      4
    Librarians 1      1       1
    Operators  2      4       5
    Engineers  3      5       7
    In-Output Oper    2       4   6
    Tape Handlers     1       2   3
     Operation tends toward open shop.
     Methods of training used
        Six weeks programming course for analysts and
        Operation 3 weeks on-the-job
      Console6 weeks on-the-,job
       Treasury Department
            One 8-Hour Shift Two 9-Hour Shifts
            Used RecommUsed  Recomm
    Supervisors     2           4
    Analysts  2     3    -
    Programmers    14           -
    Coders    -          -
    Clerks    6          3
    Librarians      1           2
    Operators -          5      6
    Engineers -          -
    Technicians     1           -
    In-Output Oper  -           8   8
    Tape Handlers   -           4   6
     Operation tends toward open shop.
      One DATAmatic representative is assigned full time for
     guidance in the programming activities and the operations of
     the system. Periodically, special training courses are
     conducted by the DATAmatic Corporation either at the site or
     company location. Onthe-,job training is given continuously
     to peripheral equipment and console operators.
      Personnel listed under the two 9-hour shifts are assigned
     to the Electronic Data Processing Section which is
     responsible for the scheduling of machine time and operation
     of the electronic equipment. Programming is one of the
     activities of the Methods and Procedures Section. This staff
     performs all planning, programming and checking out of the
     routines to place them in an operational state and provides
     all operating instructions necessary for successful
     performance. This group of employees operates on an 8-hour
     basis but each individual programmer is on 24-hour Call.
                               AND TIME AVAILABILITY
       Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Company
    Good time       42.3 Hours/Week Average
    Attempted to run time45 Hours/Week Average;
    Operating ratio (Good/Attempted to run time) 0.94
    Above figures based on period Feb 60 to Mar 60
    Passed Customer Acceptance Test Mar 59
    Time is available for rent to qualified outside or-
       First National Bank of Boston
    Good time39.5 Hours/week (Average)
    Attempted to run time40 Hours/Week (Average)
    Operating ratio (Good/Attempted to run time) 0.98+
    Above figures based on period Jul 58 to 31 Mar 60
    Passed Customer Acceptance Test Jul 58
    Time is available for rent to qualified outside or-
      Time is rented to Datamatic Service Bureau (1 full
      The operating ratio is approximately the same for the
     Service Bureau.
       Michigan Hospital Service
    Average error-free running period  4.9 Hours
    Good time       53.3 Hours/Week Average
    Attempted to run time58.2 Hours/Week Average)
    Operating ratio (Good/Attempted to run time) 0.916
    Above figures based on period 1 Jan 60 to 6 Aug 60
    Passed Customer Acceptance Test 1 Mar 58
    Time is available for rent to qualified outside or-
      Use by outside organizations is arranged through
     Minneapolis-Honeywell Regulator Company, DATAmatic
     Minneapolis-Honeywell Regulator Co.-TCG Division
    Good time92 Hours/Week (Average)
    Attempted to run time 100 Hours/Week (Average)
    Operating ratio (Good/Attempted to run time) 0.92
    Above figures based on period 1 Jul 59 to 1 Jul 60
    Passed Customer Acceptance Test 1 Jul 59
    Time is not available for rent to outside organiza-
       Treasury Department
    Average error-free running period 8.2 hours per 9
     hour shift
    Good time        115 Hours~WeekAverage
    Attempted to run time     126 Hours~Week     Average;
    Operating ratio (Good/Attempted to run time) 0.913
    Above figures based on period 1 Apr 60 to 30 Jun 60
    Passed Customer Acceptance Test 1 Nov 58
    Time is not available for rent to outside organiza-
      The operating ratio is based on a 7 day week, two 9-hour
     shifts a day.
                          ADDITIONAL FEATURES AND REMARKS
          Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Company Adopted procedures
       for magnetic tape labelling, storage, shipping, and
       protection from humidity, temperature and physical,
       electrical, fire, or other damage include generation of
       labels in computer program used for tape assignment, tape
       storage in closed file-type cabinets, and air-conditioned
       atmosphere for humidity and temperature control. First
       National Bank of Boston Outstanding features include
       exceptional reliability, very high error-free recording, and
       recovery of information on magnetic tapes. Unique system
       advantages include high capacity of tapes, 465,000 punched
       cards per tape (reel), hi)h speed, simultaneous read write
       (60,000 digits/sec., and ability to edit on off-line
       converters, saving CPU time. Michigan Hospital Service
      Outstanding features include large storage capacity of
     magnetic tape (37,200,000 digits per reel), read write
     magnetic tape at 60,000 digits per second, and three address
     instruction system (simplifies programming).
      Unique system advantages include system and instructions
     designed for data processing, particularly for low activity
     updating of large record files.
      Tape reels are numbered with ink marking pen. Data is
     labelled with Labelon Tape. Tape room is controlled for
     temperature, humidity, and dust. Security Tapes are stored in
     first floor lobby for 24 hour period. Security Tapes are
     alternated in warehouse storage on a semi-monthly basis.
BRL 1961, DATAMATIC 1000, start page 0216 

      Minneapolis-Honeywell Regulator Co.-TCG Division
     Outstanding features include 3" wide tape, orthotronic
     control, 900 lines per' minute printing speed. Tape storage
     is dust, humidity and temperature controlled. A distant
     vault is used for backup tapes.
       Treasury Department
      Outstanding features are (1) Transfer rate of 60,000
     decimal digits per second; (2) efficient and speedy
     sorting; (3) searches 10 tapes at once at transfer rate of
     600,000 decimal digits; (4) "OFF LINE" input and output;
     (5) built in air conditioning for central processor.
      Unique system advantages include (1) ability to read and
     search forward and backward and (2) Modulo 9 weight count
     checking system.
      Adopted procedure for magnetic tape labelling, storage,
     shipping and protection from humidity, temperature and
     physical, electrical, fire, or other damage include:
      Tape Labelling
          Reels are labeled with color code, name and run
       number(s). Dates, names and run codes are written on tape.
          Active tape records are stored on shelves in the
       Magnetic File area. Security tapes are stored in a vault
       in another building.
          Reels are placed in plastic bags and boxed in
       corrugated cartons cushioned with fillers.
      Protection from Humidity, Temperature, etc.
       Air conditioning and normal protection.
      The tape utilized in this System is divided into 36 linear
     recording channels. 31 of these channels are used for
     storing information. All other channels are used for control
     purposes. Data is arranged along the 31 information channels
     in arbitrary units called words and blocks. Each block
     contains a total of 62 information words. There are 52 bits
     in a word. Four are used for checking purposes and the
     remaining 48 may represent either numeric or alphabetic
     data. A word may be made up of 12 four-bit decimal digits, 8
     six-bit alphabetic characters or any combination of these
     adding up to 48 binary digits.
                                    FUTURE PLANS
          First National Bank of Boston There is a tentative
       plan to switch to Honeywell H-800 in 1962, when a third
       high-speed printer, a high-speed paper tape input, and high-
       speed MICR input (2 systems) will be added. Treasury
       Department Present plans are to carry out the program
       relating to punch card U. S. Savings Bonds established at
       the inception of the system, all available machine time is
       required. Plans are in a formulative stage to include the
       processing of Series E paper bond retirements abd reissue
       transactions as machine time is made available through
       improved programming techniques and liquidation of the
       backlog which antedates installation of the equipment.
     The Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company
     B&O Central Building
     Baltimore 1, Maryland

     The First National Bank of Boston
     67 Milk Street
     Boston, Massachusetts

     Michigan Hospital Service
     441 E. Jefferson
     Detroit 26, Michigan

     Minneapolis-Honeywell Regulator Co.-TCG Division
     2753 4th Avenue South
     Minneapolis 8, Minnesota

     Datamatic Division
     Minneapolis-Honeywell Regulator Company
     60 Walnut Street
     Wellesley Hills, Massachusetts

     Treasury Department
     Bureau of Public Debt
     214 Seventh Street
     Parkersburg, West Virginia



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