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Ivy Electronics Inc.

2422 TANGLEY   -   HOUSTON, TEXAS 77005   -   526-3897




Ivy Electronics Inc.

2422 TANGLEY   -   HOUSTON, TEXAS 77005   -   526-3897



This unit was designed for use by the deaf, when used with a standard tele-printer, enables the user to communicate with others having similar equipment. This unit uses the latest advancement in electronics, and does not have to be connected to the telephone line by any electrical connections. Placing the phone in the pick up cups and turning the unit on makes it ready to operate.

# 1. Neon Signal Lamp to show dial tone, ring, busy, and voices on the line.

# 2. Extra Sensitive receiver for long distance calls.

# 3. Transistor operation (no tubes to burn out).

# 4. High Powered Transmitter.

# 5. One (1) Year Warranty.

# 6. Shielded pick up cups to keep out side noises from interfering.

# 7. Compatible with existing equipment.

# 8. No Electrical wiring to your telephone.

# 9. Cabinet of solid wood and aluminum.

#10. Outlet (AC) to plug your machine into, so it will come on when you turn on switch. Outlet for ring light is provided.

#11. Adjustable resistor to loop Current.

#12. Extra simple to operate.

PRICE - $99.95. Include $4.00 for shipping, postage, and Insurance. (Residents of' Texas include 4 1/4 % State Sales Tax..)





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