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One has to be very careful in the presence of a journalist. The recently departed J.R. Pierce had a visit from a reporter at his office at Bell Labs. The reporter was escorted by a man from the AT&T public-relations department. The escort spent the visit standing in front of Pierce's file cabinet, blocking it from the reporter's eyes. He feared what would be the center-piece of the reporter's article if he didn't take this precaution.

 Pierce's file cabinet drawers were neatly labeled: 


From: Evelyn C. Leeper (eleeper@optonline.net)
Subject: John R. Pierce/John J. Pierce (Two Questions)
Newsgroups: rec.arts.sf.written
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Date: 2002-04-13 06:56:57 PST
A friend asked me the following:

> Two questions about John R. Pierce (who was my ED when I came to
> the Labs):
>     1. I vividly recall an early story of his in which the
> protagonist discovers that he is an android.  I was sure it was
> entitled "Android," and I thought it was in the first Conklin
> or Healy/McComas anthology, but I don't see any sign of it on
> the Web.  Is it perhaps actually "To Be a Man," which Evelyn
> reviewed?  [It didn't appear to be.]
>     2. The NY Times obit says he is survived by a son, John J.,
> of Bloomfield, N.J.  Is this the John J. Pierce who is an
> author/editor/critic of sf?  Do you have any of the books
> listed below, and if so is there an NJ location listed for
> Pierce? 
Evelyn C. Leeper
"Acceptance without proof is the fundamental characteristic of Western
religion, rejection without proof is the fundamental characteristic of
Western science."  
--Gary Zukav, "The Dancing Wu Li Masters"


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Pierce, John Robinson (USA, 1910-2002)

(Pseudonyms: J. J. Coupling; John Roberts)
Short Fiction
    Unthinking Cap (1943)
    Invariant (1944)
    Period Piece (1948)[as J. J. Coupling]
    The Good Life (1952)[as J. J. Coupling]
    Mr. Kinkaid's Pasts (1953)[as J. J. Coupling]
    John Sze's Future (1962)
    See No Evil (1966)
    Compassion (1969)[as J. R. Pierce]
    You'll Love the Past (1969)[as J. R. Pierce]
    The Higher Things (1970)
    To Be a Man (1970)[as J. J. Coupling]
    Dry Run (1970)[as J. R. Pierce]
    Choice (1971)[as J. R. Pierce]
    The Exorcism (1971)[as J. R. Pierce]
    The Whimper Effect (1973)[as J. R. Pierce]

    In 2063 She Ceased to Be (1959)[as J. J. Coupling]
    The Rhyme of the SF Ancient Author, or Conventions and
      Recollections (1968)[as J. R. Pierce]
    The Rime of the Ancient SF Author, or Conventions and
      Recollections (1968)[as J. R. Pierce]

    Universes to Order (1944)[as J. J. Coupling]
    It Isn't So Easy (1945)[as J. J. Coupling]
    Little Enough (1945)[as J. J. Coupling]
    Activity (1946)[as J. J. Coupling]
    Portrait of a Voice (1946)[as J. J. Coupling]
    Broad Band (1947)[as J. J. Coupling]
    Less Light, Please (1947)[as J. J. Coupling]
    News from Our Sun (1947)[as J. J. Coupling]
    Stuck In The Mud (1947)[as J. J. Coupling]
    Maggie (1948)[as J. J. Coupling]
    Chance Remarks (1949)[as J. J. Coupling]
    The Little Blue Cells (1949)[as J. J. Coupling]
    Ergodic Prediction (1950)[as J. J. Coupling]
    How To Build a Thinking Machine (1950)[as J. J. Coupling]
    Science for Art's Sake (1950)[as J. J. Coupling]
    Don't Write: Telegraph (1952)[as J. J. Coupling]
    Transistors (1952)[as J. J. Coupling]
    Space Heater (1954)[as J. J. Coupling]
    On Atomic Jets (1955)[as J. J. Coupling]
    Real Science for Real Problems (1971)



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