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Krown Research / Krown Manufacturing

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The above ad appeared in the TDI 2nd annual Conference  program book - 1977
From the Harry G. Lang Collection at  SMECC 




Krown Research  Porta-Printer II in wood grain pattern - 
 From the Zimet/Black Collection at SMECC    Photo C-SMECC   



Krown Research Porta-Printer II in beige  pattern -
From the Zimet/Black Collection at SMECC    Photo C-SMECC



The Fort Worth (Texas) Business Press recently profiled Krown Manufacturing, a longtime maker of alarm clocks, alarm system accessories and phone devices for the deaf. Sid and Barbara Ander, who are both deaf, founded the company as Compu-TTY Inc. in 1982 after moving from New York to Texas three years earlier and finding "nothing available for the deaf and hearing impaired." In 1995, they bought California-based Krown Research, which made the text telephones, and moved the company to Texas. With about a dozen employees and plans to introduce a handheld, pocket-sized American Sign Language dictionary, Krown expects continued growth. Marketing and sales director Bryan Davis said he saw a young person with music blaring from tiny earphones and thought, "I'll see you in about 20 years."



From the Zimet/Black Collection at SMECC    Photo C-SMECC 

From the Zimet/Black Collection at SMECC    Photos C-SMECC 


In 1975 Krown Research introduced
the world's first portable printing TDD - the PORTA-PRINTER. 

In 1977 Krown Research introduced
the world's first microprocessor-controlled TDD - the PORTA-PRINTER II.


In 1980 Krown Research introduces

the world's first completely portable Display and Printer combination - the PORTA-PRINTER III.

Features include:

HARD COPY - Printout using readily available paper - no ink or ribbon. 
- Large, easy-to-read green character display.

TOTAL PORTABILITY - Battery operated - only 5 lbs.

KEYBOARD MEMORY - Type over 60 wpm with our keyboard buffer.

THIRD GENERATION MACHINE - Our fifth year of service to the deaf community. 
- Parts and labor



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