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An interesting pre- MARC concept and 1962


The MARC Pilot Project. Final Report

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  Library that was absorbed into the SMECC  Museum Library.

"THE" Book that  established the  MARC Format! 
Published by Library of Congress  usgpo 1968.


The MARC Pilot Project. Final Report.  
Avram, Henriette D.


The MARC Pilot Project was an experiment conducted by the Library of Congress, in cooperation with 16 participating libraries, to determine the feasibility of putting cataloging data into machine-readable from for distribution of magnetic tapes. MARC (Machine Readable Cataloging) records were distributed for some 16,000 titles in the pilot phase from November 1966 through June 1967 and for additional titles in the following fiscal year while the project was in transition to an operational stage. By June 30, 1968, approximately 50,000 records had been distributed to the participants for use in the production of book catalogs, catalog cards, book selection notices, and other library tools. This final report by the project's director contains a detailed description of the MARC pilot system, including the tape format, character sets, bibliographic codes, and input procedures. An analysis of the cost of production during the pilot period, as well as brief summaries of the computer programs used, are provided. The new MARC system which evolved from work carried out in the project and which is used for the MARC Distribution Service is also described. An appendix includes the reports and analyses of the pilot project written by the participating libraries. (LC Information Bull.)


Download a PDF of MARC PILOT PROJECT - Final Report HERE





Machine-Readable Cataloging (MARC) Program

Henriette D. Avram

The Library of Congress, Washington, District of Columbia, U.S.A.

Many words have been written on the subject of the
Machine-Readable Cataloging (MARC) Program: the
events that led to the pilot project, the development of
the format, the operational Distribution Service, the
influence of MARC on standardization, and the impetus
it gave to library automation projects and to the creation
of networks here and abroad. This article serves to gather
together all aspects of the national and international
MARC system.
Much of what follows has been fairly well documented
in many published reports, journal articles, etc., and
therefore this article relies heavily on that material. A
Bibliography based on the article’s main headings has
been included for those readers who wish to explore any
aspect of MARC in greater depth.
Download Henriette D. Avram's paper HERE 

(The bibliography  and notes sections are awesome in the   article!)



 OCLC M300 workstation

In  The OCLC/ALISE Library & Information Science Research Grant Program: 25+ years of cutting-edge library sciences research

Lynn Silipigni Connaway: states - : From 1985 through 1987, OCLC funded 26 projects and provided OCLC dedicated terminals or OCLC M300 or M310 workstations, with minimal actual dollars for research.

Ed Sharpe archivist for SMECC says: "We need a copy of: Kenney, Brigitte L., Edward T. O'Neill, and John Bunge. 1986. "OCLC database use analysis: determination of an appropriate database subset for cataloging on the OCLC M300 workstation". Annual Review of OCLC Research. 1985-."  email us at if  you have one 


"M300 AND PC REPORT. The independent guide to uses of OCLC's M300 Workstations and 
IBM personal
computers in libraries. $60.00 (monthly) ISSN 0743-7633."


M300 Workstation  OCLC Newsletter Articles Needed!

November 1983 No. 149 pp 4,5 Evolution of library use: More than a terminal: the M300 workstation will give users formidable computing power

May 1984 No. 152 pp2,3 M300 Workstation

June 1984 No. 153  M300 workstation news

September 1984 No. 154  10 Interlibrary loan micro enhancer now available for M300 workstations

October 1985 No. 159    14 Version 2 of ILL Micro Enhancer Now available for M300 Workstations

December 1985 No. 160    11 New M300 software distributed to users

April 1986 No. 162  15 Cataloging ME Version 2 available for M300

March/April 1987 No. 167    1 First M300XT installed


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