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Learn About Video and Broadcasting. Links to Publications and Societies Also...


Interactive Online Classes

  Television Production

A Free, Interactive Course
in Studio and Field Production

by Ron Whittaker, Ph.D.

     These materials contain more than 800 color illustrations.

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This course is also  in two other languages at this site also!


Video101 Course  -  Excellent site for learning the hows and whys of video production. A must-see for ALL videographers! Mike Trinklein is the author.
   Free Online Courses

These online modules and guides are free for you to use. They were originally designed for BBC staff and in publishing them here we have not made many editorial changes to them.

This is because they are primarily aimed at anyone who is working for, with or alongside the BBC, so the modules still contain some specific references to BBC procedures, methods and services.

They  also have two CD-ROMS you may order from them.

Click on the logo above to check the classes out! Free learning materials on video capturing and importing. Some of this is vendor specific but the basics apply to anything.

Video for Online by Manfred Kuechler (Hunter College)

[This is a sequel to Audio for Online (Enhanced) Courses and I recommend to read the piece on audio first if you are interested in the practical details.]

Editor's Note An interesting look  back to 1991 when  many of us still had dial up modems and how we had to optimize the video stream to fit these devices!   -Ed Sharpe


How-to info & books for videographers

Learn video equipment, setup, operation, & production

Click to view these articles written by Dr. Peter Utz,
author of TODAY'S VIDEO.



Ron Dexter 

Ron Dexter, ASC

Straight answers to frequent and seldom-asked film and video
 questions you will not find answered anywhere else

Ron Dexter's site is an amazing source of information.






Powering microphones

Copyright Tomi Engdahl 1997-2000

This document is a collection of information and circuits for powering electret microphone capsules. This document is written for people who understand the basics of microphone circuits.



Publications and Forums



ABOUT Desktop Video From Carl Plumer, Your Guide to Desktop Video - Mainly for the consumer and pro-sumer but there are some great tips here.



Videomaker Magazine  -  Excellent Video-related magazine - with more of a "pro-sumer" tilt.

DV Magazine  -  Excellent Video-related magazine with a forum and other web resources


Camcorder & ComputerVideo  - C&CV appeals to a broad spectrum of video consumers, from those preparing to purchase their first camcorders, to event videographers setting up post production editing suites....and more...

Creative Cow  -  A Forum with lots of information and tutorials for video NLE / FX pros.
Peter Utz's Video Expert Site  -  Lots of information and links to Peter's outstanding reference books.
National Association of Broadcasters  -  Center of the Pro Video
Society of Broadcast Engineers, Inc. - National and local chapters
Society of Motion Picture & Television Engineers  -  SMPTE Organization
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