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NXi Communications

  • Originally established in 1990 as Nexus Engineering
  • Changed its name to Nexion, Inc. in 1993, when it incorporated.
  • The company was renamed to NXi Communications, Inc. in 1995.

NexCom1Originally targeting the deaf community, NXi's NexTalk software was developed to replace standalone TTYs with a computer-based option. Our first major TTY product, released in 1992, was the NexCom 1; an acoustically coupled external device capable of TTY or 300 baud connections. The NexCom 2, an external modem capable of TTY to 9600 bps connections, was released in early 1994, followed quickly by the NexCom 300. 

At the end of 1994, NXi released the NexCom 300 modem. Capable of connection speeds from TTY to 19200 bps, this modem was available in both an internal and external version. They discontinued the external and moved to only selling the internal ISA modem in 1996, both of which are still in use by many clients today.

 With the change in computer equipment from ISA to PCI cards, NXi began to focus on software methods of computer-based TTY to replace their NexCom TTY modem. Their innovative NexTalk-VM (voice modem) software was designed to work with existing voice modems, rather than with a specially modified TTY modem. This software replaced the NexCom 300 modem and software with support for PCI modems and re-introduced support for external modems.


NexTalk, Inc.

In 2008, three employees of NXi communications started a new company; NexTalk, Inc., and purchased licensing rights to the underlying code and programs. The focus of NexTalk was to market and sell the software originally created by NXi Communications.  Additionally, NexTalk’s software engineers expanded on the code, introducing new features and additional programs such as Video Remote Interpreting and Audio Remote Interpreting.

Today, NexTalk continues to refine and enhance our communication software programs, adding new features and new programs designed to expand services to market segment previously unserved, such as home, small business and education.

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