Powers Acounting and Tabulating Machines
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General Offices
U. S. A.

Printed by: Rodgers & Company Chicago - New York

(Brochure is ca. 1913)




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THE above are facsimile cards used in connection with Powers Automatic Machines.

Cards are specially designed to meet local requirements of users.


VIEW of section of Population Room, Bureau of the Census, showing Census Model of the Powers Punching Machine in operation.

The desired data or information is indicated upon cards by location of punched holes, made by Powers Automatic Punching Machine.

The punched cards are then operated through Powers Automatic Sorting and Tabulating Machines, which segregate, compile and tabulate such data or information.


Powers Automatic Punching Machine
 Census Model

THIS model designed for the United States government.

Three hundred used in the compilation of the 1910 census.

Automatically feeds and ejects cards. Gang punches repeated facts and makes one sort of the cards without additional operation.



Powers Automatic Punching Machine
Commercial Model


AUTOMATICALLY feeds and ejects cards. Permits verification by operator before card is punched. Each key can be set as a gang punch. All naughts are punched automatically. No spacing keys required. Registration of punched holes perfect and uniform.


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Group of Operators, Powers Commercial Punching Machine.



POWERS Punching, Sorting and

Tabulating Machines operate mechanically, thereby insuring accuracy. They are simple in construction and operation.

Machines are leased to users. They are installed and maintained by the company.

The Company maintains a Statistical Department; its representatives study the business of a prospective user, design the cards and supervise the installation of system.

Standard machines are adapted for cards 3 1/4 x 7 3/8. 


Powers Sorting Machine Model "A"


SELECTS and operates mechanically. Location of card boxes compact and convenient.

Each card sorted is deposited in its proper box before the next card leaves the magazine.

When machine automatically stops, last card sorted is in its proper box.


Powers Counting Sorting Machine Model "B"


EQUIPPED with master counter and individual counter for each card box.

Sorts and counts the cards, eliminating the tabulating operation in the compilation of census, vital statistics and other data requiring only the addition of units.

Powers Automatic Tabulating Machine Model "A"

LISTS individual items or prints tabulated totals only, upon finished report, making a permanent record, thus avoiding error in transcription.

Equipped with commercial listing adding machines operated mechanically. Will list, add and print from four to six totals simultaneously.






Powers Automatic Tabulating Machine Model "B"

SELECTS mechanically; adds mechanically.


Is equipped with one to six adding sections which operate simultaneously.

Lists individual items and prints tabulated totals upon a single sheet.

Patents issued and pending in the United States and Foreign Countries



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