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Press Release
Debut of First Internet News Gathering Application

(Las Vegas, NV April 23, 2004) -- Managed Media Services (now StreamerNet Corporation) debuted the first Internet News Gathering Proxy News Application for use with third generation wireless devices at The National Association of Broadcasters annual convention in Las Vegas. 

The application, designed to be a cost-effective alternative to remote video distribution technology, offers a new medium for traditional Electronic News Gathering techniques.

"This software solution is the first application of its kind," said founder Todd Atchison. The unique bundling of the server requirements with simplified on-board video encoding software means the user can begin broadcasting within moments. The software is capable of transmitting video to the web from anywhere in the field by utilizing any active third generation wireless telephone (CDMA / GSM), wi-fi, cellular or LAN signal connection. 

"The inexpensive software will run on tag-along laptops and mobile computers, making StreamerNet a near perfect solution for breaking news, extreme weather video distribution or a multitude of in-the-field live action scenarios." 

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StreamerNet Corporation is a unique provider of mobile, wireless streaming video solutions to the news broadcast and general surveillance industries. Headquartered in Grand Rivers, KY, StreamerNet has sales and marketing offices in Leesburg, VA within the high-tech corridor of northern Virginia. 

StreamerNet and the StreamerNet logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of StreamerNet Corporation. All other brand and product names are or may be trademarks of, and are used to identify products or services of, their respective owners.

Contact:Bill Hornbeck
StreamerNet Corporation
(address and phone no longer current thus redacted)


First-of-its-Kind Technology Offers 'Device-in-Hand' Live Video and Audio

Streaming Capabilities for Government, Enterprise and Consumer Users

WASHINGTON, March 7 /PRNewswire/ -- StreamerNet Corporation today
announced that its mobile-wireless audio and video streaming technology
enables owners of Windows(R) Mobile devices, such as the Treo(TM) 700W and
other Smartphones, to view live audio and video streaming events straight from
a remote camera to the handheld. In addition to remote viewing, StreamerNet
technology also enables the user to receive and watch video email on the
handheld device.
StreamerNet is showcasing its mobile streaming solutions this week at the
FOSE government technology conference (Homeland Security Pavilion, Booth
# 336) at the Washington Convention Center March 7-9.
StreamerNet solutions are unique in the marketplace because they
concentrate on direct point-to-point streaming at a moment's notice - a
concept called "plug-and-play, click-and-stream(TM)." This type of offering
is dramatically different from most currently available streaming offerings
which require significant set-up time, require considerable resources/expense
to facilitate and do not offer live remote-view options.
"We are at the forefront of a major shift in streaming capabilities,"
stated William R. Hornbeck, president and CEO of StreamerNet Corporation.
"Traditional streaming has primarily been available only in the form of
expensive and technology-intensive offerings such as broad distribution
webcasting. StreamerNet is proud to lead the charge toward more comprehensive
and easy-to-use solutions that allow individuals or organizations to bring
low-priced and personalized streaming options to their environments."
Widespread adoption of handheld and mobile computing devices, combined
with strong growth in the expansion of wireless broadband, is a contributing
factor in the shift to more mobile and more simplified streaming options. As
higher broadband access speeds become available, individual devices can now
more easily handle full audio and video streams whenever and wherever the
capability is needed.
StreamerNet continues to refine its mobile streaming platform to take
advantage of these enhancements. In order to bring live action video to a
handheld device, the StreamerNet software application permits the user to
attach a video camera to an Internet-connected computer, at the desired
location, and then transmit real-time audio/video action directly to a remote
handheld viewer. Support for Smartphones and other handheld devices presents
several unique opportunities for StreamerNet customers.
"From surveillance and security, to emergency management and
command/control, to business management, entertainment, or personal use,
StreamerNet solutions present an easy-to-use methodology for mobile/remote
video creation and viewing," added Hornbeck.
While all StreamerNet offerings to-date include both streaming media
encoding software and viewer/player technologies, the Company's currently-
available Version 2.0 has been specifically enhanced with features that
directly address the most prevalent evolutions in the market. StreamerNet
solutions are available under a three-tier service program. Enterprise,
Academic and Personal editions cover a wide variety of market sectors each
offering unique Viewer Minute (VM) packages. These newest features include a
variety of intuitive processes that enable the user to:

-- Webcast live action events
-- Send Video Email
-- See a real-time camera view on a Smartphone device
-- Host distributed videos in a private OnDemand Media Room
-- Broadcast global IPTV or Radio Show
-- Send local TV to any desktop
-- Convert old VHS tapes to web

Market trends point to a quickly changing computing and communications
landscape and not merely in the consumer ranks. StreamerNet technologies,
which were initially developed in 2003 as advanced technology concepts, have
been enhanced more than four times over the past three years. The company
expects to bring its formal Version 3.0 to market before the end of the first
quarter 2006.
StreamerNet technologies provide the multimedia computing engine for a
wide variety of mobile computing devices. These devices, which already exist
in many forms, could be a laptop, cell/smartphone, hand-held PDA, wearable
computer, or any number of yet-to-be-developed devices designed to retrieve
and communicate data. Utilizing open computing standards, StreamerNet
technologies ensure that these and other devices can take advantage of full
multimedia -- anytime, anywhere.

About StreamerNet Corporation
StreamerNet Corporation is a visionary software developer of innovative
mobile, wireless video streaming solutions for the worldwide streaming media
market. Through the development of specialized and proprietary software and
services that support multiple wireless network standards, StreamerNet
provides solutions for remote, mobile plug-and-play, click-and-stream video
transmission direct from the field to the World Wide Web. StreamerNet's
portfolio of market leading products, services and utilization technologies
are used by organizations around the world and include the StreamerNet Mobile
Video Encoder and the StreamerNet Multi-Panel Viewer.
Based in Kuttawa, KY and Leesburg, VA, StreamerNet is a privately held
company focused on its mission to provide the highest quality streaming media
tools and services to the small-and-medium size business market, large
corporate enterprises, television broadcasters, education communities, public
safety organizations, consumers and security professionals.
Visit StreamerNet via the Internet at

SOURCE StreamerNet Corporation


Christopher Vance

July 6, 2014 1:40 AM

Hello, Ed; what exactly would you like to know? I saw a news article in the local paper one weekend discussing how the President and the CEO would be giving a demonstration on campus at Murray State. After attending their demonstration, I talked with the President (and founder) Todd Atchison, who we began mailing back and forth, and after a few discussions offered me a position. Other than Mr. Atchison, a CEO from West Virginia, and a programmer that lived in Guam, I was the only other real employee. 


On 05/05/14 12:33 AM, Ed Sharpe wrote: 
Please tell me more about your time at StreamerNet Corporation 2005 2006 we are doing a history section on streaming video at the museum here and StreamerNet was an early company and actually a trial account put me into streaming video interests google smecc and museum 

- Ed Sharpe

Kentucky officials say state is well on way to universal broadband access

"Kentucky officials expect more businesses to locate in rural areas as high-speed Internet service expands across the commonwealth," reports Bill Wolfe of The Courier-Journal. "The state is on target, they say, to meet Gov. Ernie Fletcher's goal for border-to-border broadband by the end of 2007.

Commerce Secretary Jim Host told Wolfe that the broadband expansion that "is going to cause a huge boom in rural Kentucky, especially where there are entrepreneurs who want to come home." Wolfe cites an example, Todd Atchison, who was able to move his StreamerNet Corp. to Kuttawa because BellSouth Telecommunications had made digital subscriber lines (DSL) available there. "My company is broadband," Atchison told Wolfe. "Everything about us is broadband, from our daily operations to delivering our product. It's the raw material of what I do."

The state legislature agreed to deregulate broadband last year after BellSouth, the state's largest phone company, promised to make it availabe in all its Kentucky exchanges in a relatively short time. Ellen Jones, regional director for BellSouth, told Wolfe, "We would have expanded anyway, but it would have been at a much slower rate." She said about 80 percent of the company's Kentucky customers can subscribe to DSL, up from 69 percent two years ago.

Broadband was already expanding rapidly in Kentucky. Wolfe cites a Federal Communications Commission report that 261,638 high-speed lines were added in the state in 2003-04, giving it 264 percent more than it had at the end of 2002. "We have led the United States in percentage of growth in the past two years," Host told Wolfe. He said about three-fourths of the homes and businesses in the state have access to at least one broadband service, and the most rural areas are still "the toughest gap to bridge." (Read more)

Broadband bound

Kentucky on way to total accessibility, officials say

11:04 PM, Sep. 24, 2005
Todd Atchison said it would have been impossible to move his high-tech startup, StreamerNet Corp., 
to Kuttawa, Ky., without broadband Internet service. Kentucky officials expect more businesses to
 locate in rural areas as such service expands across the state.
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Todd Atchison had lived in Louisville for 10 years, but he was still at heart the country boy who had grown up in Lyon County next to Western Kentucky's Lake Barkley.

So when his hometown business partner urged Atchison to move their high-tech startup, StreamerNet Corp., to Lyon County, Atchison said he had one big question: "Can I get DSL?"

Without a broadband Internet connection such as DSL from the phone company or a cable Internet connection, the move couldn't happen, said Atchison, whose business develops software that allows live video transmissions over cell-phone networks. ...






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