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1969 or 1971 ( two different dates on the sony site...) November Nobutoshi Kihara at Sony developed the U-matic VCR, the world's first color video cassette recorder.


Here is a further elaboration provided to us by Sony: 

1969 November 12 to24, Sony made a presentation of U-matic VTR in New York .

        This was the first release to the public.


After that, we repeated negotiation and modification to commercialize the products.

1971 April, we submitted Sony color video cassette multisystem to IEEE.

        Then standardized the series name to U-matic.

        September 16, type: VP-1100 was launched to the market.


Beta - BetaMax 

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Sony introduces the Betamax VCR, world's first home-use videocassette recorder using 1/2-inch tape. Nobutoshi Kihara of Sony is credited with the design.




The Sony Betamax Lawsuit Documents

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This is a Sony AVC-1420 Video camera with power supply, F-27 microphone, screw in handle, carrying case, and cords. This is an early consumer camera from Sony. The AVC-1420 uses a 2/3" vidicon camera and was intended to compliment early Betamax VCR and allow the consumer to shoot simple home movies. This camera has a standard rca yellow connector and may be hooked to any rca video input jack. The viewfinder is a simple peep sight type with a reticule marked for either a 16mm lens or an 8mm lens. For close-up and/or wide angle shooting. It is extremely easy to use, having full automatic video level control, all the user has to do is focus.


We are looking for  - Sony SLO 340
First portable Betamax; white in color; rec/play X-1 only.

HVC-1000 camera and  Recorder SL-3000

wpeC.gif (312559 bytes) Sony Video Camera  HVC-1000 camera with hard case and Beta Video Cassette Recorder SL-3000  with AC Power Adapter.  This unit came with  the  soft case with carry strap & Sony AC-330C battery pack.

This was  the second-generation portable unit; it recorded BII, played back both BI and BII. Compared to the original Betamax portable the SLO-340 this one was a bargain priced at only $850 in  1980.

This unit was the replacement for the half-inch videocorder AV-3400 and  AV-8400 offering the convenience of cartridge loading and color recording and playback.wpe16.gif (461442 bytes)

   Sony HVC-2800 Trinicon Camera


 This was originally designed to be used with a portable BETAMAX system.  This camera also comes with the CMA-1010A Adapter which allows it to be used with a portable separate VHS Recorder.


  Tthis system was purchased in 1983. At the time, this was considered state-of-art, “Pro-sumer” quality.  Initial price about $1100.00  new.  


This package includes: the HVC-2800 Camera, the CMA-1010A Adapter, The Sony hard shell case, 1 ND filter(58mm), 1 Star filter(58mm), 2 carrying straps for the camera and the case, the complete operators manual (not pictured). We are looking for the  microphone that originally came with the system but is missing.


This camera can only be powered up from a portable BETAMAX or VHS separate recorder


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SONY Betamax Trinicon 
Accessories Booklet
(Click Photo for Larger View)

Price new: $7700

Today's value? It is just an old camera that has been replaced with the new digital technology...but in it's day... WoW!


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This camera is not really a consumer camera, and not really and ENG camera but could be used by either group. It offers an eye-popping 550 plus lines of video in BetaHi-Fi stereo. Here's a list of some of the features:

• Dual 2/3" precision CCD imaging
• Produces over 550 lines of resolution
• Compact, professional design


10x bayonet-mounted 10.5-105mm f1.6 variable speed zoom lens with macro (Note: the lens assembly shown is the optional Fujinon 10-120mm f1.7 dual range variable-speed zoom with macro)
• Variable-speed electronic shutter (1/60 to 1/2000)
• Powered stereo microphone
• 1.5" B/W detachable electronic viewfinder
• Automatic iris control
• Edit search buttons to play back the last several seconds of
• Audio and video insert editing
Tally (recording), battery level, low light, white balance and video level indicators are in viewfinder
• Three position gain switch for low lighting conditions

Automatic fade-in and fade-out

• Flying erase head
• S-video (Y/C) input and output
• Time and date stamp

Stereo headphone monitor with volume control


About The SONY CA-10F

This package consists of  the EDP-10 camera, VCL-1010BY lens assembly, DXF-C50 electronic viewfinder and the CA-10F camera adapter. The lens and viewfinder are identical to those of the ED Cam EDC-55. The EDP-10F is the professional "Sports" designation for the camera portion and it is the same as the CCD-55 camera component of the  ED Cam EDC-55 (the EDP-10F is white and the CCD-55 is gray). The Specifications are identical to the EDC-55. 

Since the cameras are the same we shall discuss  the CA-10F camera adaptor adapter which attaches to the EDP-10 camera using a proprietary 32-pin connector and provides stand alone camera operation and a variety of other functions. 

Outputs include left and right channel audio, a BNC plug for video and a switchable S-video output plug. Also a 14-pin industry standard VTR connector is provided for various format VTRs. A rotary switch on the unit selects operation for Sony U-matic, Betamax, ED Beta, Panasonic S-VHS and VHS, JVC S-VHS and VHS. This versitality is  not found in many camera adaptors.  

The viewfinder is selectable for camera or VTR. An earphone jack is provided for audio monitoring. Power is supplied from a 12 volt DC power supply ) or a NP-1H battery pack (optional). The power switch on the CA-10F is the master control for adapter, lens, viewfinder and camera. 


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Sony BVP-5 3CCD BetaCam Head with BVV-1A BetaCam VTR.

HITACHI FP-C2 Camera with Sony BVV-1A


Sony BW-536 Betacam Playback Alignment Jig

Can anyone tell us more about this?  Thanks !

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Sony 8mm and Hi8 Handicam
1980 July Nobutoshi Kihara Developed Video Movie, a super-compact 8mm video system integrating a camera and VCR


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Sony CCD-M8 Handycam Video Camera Recorder, EV-C8 Video Cassette Recorder, RFU-80UC RFU adaptor, ACP-88 AC Power Adaptor, BCA-80 battery charger and two NP-22 battery packs.

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Sony SPK-M8 water resistant housing for a Sony CCD-M8 handycam.

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This is a New in the box never used Sony Video 8 Camcorder Test Jig. This unit comes with all the cables, users manual, the jig as you see in photo and some other stuff that seems to go with it. We are missing the Power supply for this unit. Its a AC type supply. This is a must have for anyone that works on camcorders. Works with all types,CCD-M8/CCD-V8 also most deck type units and more.


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