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See History  on our  Cohu 2000 series video camera.

 kwich-tv_wicthata_kansas_cohu_storm_chasing_camera_3.jpg (48763 bytes)

This camera was used at KWCH 12 Eyewitness News, a CBS affiliate, in Wicthata Kansas.  See camera and the stations history HERE.  

And...  when it was new looked like this!  
We need the lens, connector and control box!

links elsewhere mentioning  COHU 2000 Series Camera

COHU 2000 series used  in medical application and this  paper  was  in the later 60s!
From the Department of Physiology and Pharmacology,
Duke University Medical Center, Durham,
North Carolina 27706.
This work was supported in part by U. S. Public
Health Service Grants HE 08620 from the National
Heart Institute 5TIGM946 and Grant G-65-10 from
the Life Insurance Medical Research Fund.
Accepted for publication May 12, 1967.
here is a Martin Marietta Corp report  dated 1972 with the  2000 seies



Here is pdf of the full article cohu_tropicals_1964b.pdf

This   from the Jan Feb. 1964 -  

cohu_i2.jpg (64756 bytes)

Note this is not our  camera though seems  the electronics are all in a  missing box. How many cameras were in the '2000 series'  I wonder?

cohu_i1.jpg (663400 bytes)




by Richurd W. Bricker, Gary R. Primeuax, James P. Crubb, und Culuin Schomburg

Munned Spucecrufl Center Houston, Texas




medium image

medium image


Vision Based Algorithms for High Accuracy Measurements ...
The latter digitizes the signals from the three Cohu series 2000 monochrome video cameras, used to measure the length of the baguette. A fourth camera is ...


A 102 -cm Balloon -Borne Telescope for Far ... - Journals
closed circuit system (Cohu Electronics, Inc., Series 2000) oper- ating at 30 frames /sec. The original vidicon was replaced with an. RCA 4532 silicon diode ...


Kin Tel Division of Cohu Electronics
Inc. showed its 2000 series self -
contained miniaturized portable TV
camera which is solid- state, and contains
plug -in units. It sells for $3,000
without lens. The camera control (No.
2,000 -100) furnishes power and control
signals and is directly coupled to the
camera itself creating a single -unit, self -
contained camera. Both the camera and
the control unit are 3 inches in diameter.
Also shown by Kin Tel was the
3100 series high resolution self -contained
camera, containing modular circuitry
for all camera and control functions.
Optional video bandwidths (10
mc to 20 mc) and a selection of scanning
patterns (525 lines to 945 lines)
permit a choice of resolution combinations
for any use. 5 
/hd2/Archive-BC-IDX/65-OCR/1965-04-05-BC-OCR-Page-0059.pdf#search=%22cohu 2000 series%22










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Brief EARLY history and links  for Cohu.


Cohu is a leading supplier of test handling, burn-in and thermal solutions used by the global semiconductor industry, microwave communications and closed-circuit television equipment.

 Cohu, Inc. is the result of an evolution from a tiny laboratory partnership created in 1945. This partnership was incorporated as Kalbfell Laboratories, Inc., in 1947. In September 1954 the corporate name was changed to Kay Lab. 


kay_lab7.jpg (152896 bytes)  kay_lab8.jpg (181978 bytes)

Thanks to Jeff Perry for this brochure!

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In June of 1956 the company issued 400,000 additional shares in its first public financing. In 1957 Kay Lab was liquidated and all of the assets and liabilities of Kay Lab were acquired by Cohu Electronics, Inc., a Delaware corporation. In 1972, the name Cohu Electronics, Inc. was changed to Cohu, Inc.

Company Business

Cohu's business can be separated into three categories: Semiconductor Equipment, Microwave Communications and Television Cameras.


The sections that interest us for broadcasting are :


Broadcast Microwave Services (BMS) manufactures microwave communication equipment and support items.

Link to  this BMS section of COHU

Cohu Electronics

The leading designer and manufacturer of closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras and systems for more than 40 years.

Link to  this Cohu Electronics section of COHU


Also interesting, but non-broadcast related are :


Delta Design

Delta Design, headquartered in Poway, CA, is one of the world's largest suppliers of semiconductor test handling equipment.

Link to  this Delta Design section of COHU

Rasco GmbH

Rasco is an industry-leading manufacturer of gravity feed, MEMS, and strip test handling equipment.

Link to  this Rasco section of COHU







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