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Visit the old HP2000F/ 2000 Access timeshare system on display At SMECC! 

This system was  originally bought by Maricopa Community Colleges and then when retired was run as a time share system  in the early days at Computer Exchange Inc.  that was located In Phoenix Arizona. Eventually this computer became a display artifact there when it was replaced by a HP 3000 system.

Below is an old shot form the computer room at Computer Exchange Inc. Phoenix Arizona. This is right before we got the HP 3000 systems.

wpe14.jpg (22618 bytes)
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wpe16.jpg (36203 bytes)
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Ed Sharpe's IBM flowcharting template. This was bought by him when attending an introduction to data processing class at Glendale Community College. My Into to Data Processing Class  teacher  was  CHuck Cummings  who worked a day job at Honeywell. 

During the transition to the HP-3000 we had to  modify the  HP-2000 Basic code to run...  This Pocket guide was our best friend!

In the early days we started selling  Teletypes, GE TermiNets and what ever we  could  get our  hands on!

comput1-ge-t300_asr_desk.jpg (99502 bytes)  comput2t300_asr_desk_back.jpg (107606 bytes)


1979/80 - One day I had the chance to get this  ASR  desk to add to my GE  TermiNet I used... I felt like  a king!


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