Dating Eastman Kodak Television Ektanon, Ektar and Anastigmat Lenses
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Dating Eastman Kodak Television Ektanon,
Ektar and Anastigmat Lenses


Here is a quick reference table using the U. S. pneumonic: "CAMEROSITY" 
for dating KODAK TV Camera Lenses. Obliviously only part of this date range
applies to what we are covering here. This is useful in you find other Kodak items though! ....
    EY = 1940
EC = 1941
EA = 1942
EM = 1943
EE = 1944
ER = 1945
EO = 1946
ES = 1947
EI = 1948
ET = 1949
RY = 1950
RC = 1951
RA = 1952
RM = 1953
RE = 1954
RR = 1955
RO = 1956
RS = 1957
RI = 1958
RT = 1959
OY = 1960
OC = 1961
OA = 1962
OM = 1963
OE = 1964
OR = 1965
OO = 1966
OS = 1967
OI = 1968
OT = 1969

For the large Kodak Anastigmat long focal length lenses, serial numbers are stamped on the ring that secures the front lens group and identifies the lens type, length and maximum aperture.  The serial numbers for   Ektars  and Television Ektanons are stamped on that part of the the lens barrel that fits into the camera mount.

Eastman KODAK products produced in the UK used  the pneumonic: "CUMBERLAND".
We are not sure though that any of the Television Ektanons were produced in the UK although perhaps some of the EKTRA EKTARS were.

We continue to collect more data!  Please contact send us photos of odd lenses and please  register you lens serial numbers into our database.  We are attempting to determine actual numbers and  years produced. See more history at

Photo and data  from this  chart obtained from 
Thanks to Brian Wallen  for  his research work on Eastman Kodak Products. -Ed Sharpe





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