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Aqua 3400

Portable Wireless Internet Access Device

The Aqua 3400 is an Internet access device. Slim and light, this wireless mobile tool can be used anywhere around the house for Internet browsing, e-mail, downloading MP3s, game play, shopping and online chat. Alternatively it can provide wireless connectivity in public areas such as meeting rooms, offices, hotels, and hospitals. The Aqua 3400 carries out communications using RF (Radio Frequency), from 50m (indoors) up to 300m (outdoors), through an access point (A/P) base which links with the Internet. It breaks the old-fashioned "Wired" way to get information, and makes it simple and easy for people to access all the information they need.



  • User-Friendly, Easy to Use
  • Excellent Mobility
  • Wireless Internet Access
  • Powerful Expansion



Transmeta TM3400 CPU (400MHz)


ALi 1535 Southbridge with integrated super I/O

Memory & Cache

Support upto 64MB on board (64-bit data bus non-parity, self-refreshing)

96KB L1 Cache & 256KB L2 Cache

Non-Volatile Memory

Support 5V 8bit wide 2MB Flash ROM for BIOS And Code Morphing Software(CMS)

Write protected BIOS to disable inadvertent writes


8.4" TFT LCD 800*600 resolution with integrated touch-screen


3D Audio via AC'97 Audio Codec with 1W speaker

Wireless Communication

PC Card RF module (e.g. 802.11b) via PC Card socket

FIR via IrDA

LED Indicators

One battery status LED , On/Off and suspend

I/O Ports

One USB port
One headphone jack

Expansion Slots

One Type II PCMCIA socket

One Internal Compact Flash slot (16MB Standard) IDE interface


Four "Cusors Movement"
1 Enter key
"Virtual Keyboard" on the screen
On/Off Power key

Power System

4-Cell Lithium battery upto 4 hours of usage

1.5 hour rapid-charge with 27W, 9V power adaptor


Mobile Linux


L 235mm x W 168mm x T 25mm

specification subject to change without notice



Portable Internet Device

Transmeta 400MHz

8.4" TFT touch-screen


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