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I read the 12 page "The Radio Proximity Fuze-A survey by E. A. Sharpe".
It is very accurate on the the Navy VT Fuze program.
Raytheon made all the subminiature tubes for the Army VT fuzes that are credited with defeating the German's in the decisive "Battle of the Bulge". We employed 5,000 people on this project. Raytheon also received one of the first proximity subminiature tube development contracts from Dr. Merle Tuve in October 1940, when he was at the Dept. of Terrestrial Magnetism, Carnegie Institute in Washington. I believe they were under contract from the NDRC. I attended the meeting in Oct. 1940 with Laurence Marshall, then CEO of Raytheon when we received our first contract. We developed the critical filament spring used in most of the Sylvania tubes I was told. 
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