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When, in the late 1940’s, Peter Drucker recommended to Ralph Cordiner that he decentralize The General Eclectic Company they realized that they would need 100+ General Managers.

How to find them?

Several Psychological testing firms were retained to assist in this effort. The result was a list of "good" traits for a GM on one consultant’s list were "bad" traits on another’s list!

As a result it was decided to study the Company’s own successful managers. What they found was a wide range of successful managers from "bull in the china shop" types to effete "Ivy League" types.

They concluded that management was a skill – and as such could be taught!


A 13 week course, called PROFESSIONAL BUSINESS MANAGEMENT, was developed and a school was established at Crotonville, NY to teach management skills to General and Section Managers. (When GM’s complained that they couldn’t possibly leave their businesses for 13 weeks – they were told that that was precisely why they needed the course!)

Subsequently, a condensed version (one night a week for thirteen weeks) was prepared to be taught at the local level to sub-section and unit managers.

I taught three semesters of this condensed version to managers of the GE Computer Department in Phoenix, AZ.


The mantra was POIM – Plan, Organize, Implement and Measure.

George Snively




(Archives note -  A copy of this course in hardbound volumes is located in the SMECC library. These volumes  used to be part of he  library at   GE/Honeywell/Bull HN Black  Canyon Highway and Thunderbird facility.  
--- Ed Sharpe archivist for SMECC)




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