Heliograph - Signaling By The Sun
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Manual Of Instruction In
Army Signaling  1886

Section III- Apparatus, And Method Of Using It. 
Foreword  to this little book was by Arthur Herbert Q.M.C

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"Stereoview #11847, soldiers "Working the Heliograph, Johannesburg Fort, South Africa" during the Boer War in 1900. Published by Keystone View Company in Meadville, PA. Copyrighted in 1900 by B.L. Tingley.



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1906 Pre-WWI Postcard

Northumberland Fusiliers

A posed group of Signalers  using a Heliograph Signaling instrument.

The card is a Raphael Tuck 'Oilette' and was sent through the post in 1906.


A Tucks Postcard (UK) that says " US Army Heliographing - Photo by Chaplain Dickson - USA

The postmark on card is June 15, 1908. We can assume  the photo is  before that date... but.... when?  

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Signaling By Signal Lamp

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I am sending the pictures with the lamp with this. They do not have a special caption, they are a part of an photo article on army communication in 1940 (there are others, with radios, telephones, loudspeakers and so on).

The source is “Vida Doméstica Magazine”, special issue on the Brazilian army, 1940. The number of the photo is the page number in the magazine.

The only photo I can identify is  p142a, which shows president Vargas (the one with the dark suit) during a visit to the Army Communication Material Factory. From Adler Homero Fonseca de Castror

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wpe1.gif (153515 bytes)Barry sent us the Heliograph apparatus photo...

 It says on the base that it was made by J Steward, The Strand, London

tell us more about it... Model Make  etc?


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