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Romper Stomper Bomper Boo!

1961-1962 Phoenix Area Award Emmy(R) Award Winner 
(Photo date  may not be  exact to match... we are researching!)






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from Jan 1968 KTAR Newsletter From the Max Porter Collection at SMECC

From January 1968 KTAR Newsletter From the Max Porter Collection at SMECC

Here is Diane Kalas  on set  with  a RCA TK-42 Camera
For more  photos and info on Diane, check her KTAR page  HERE


Roger Ball  states: 
"I replaced Greg Cook in July of 1969 when he went to NBC. These people--and a few others--were all there when I signed on. Many were also in sales and we did double duty on KTAR Radio as well. (Radio also had a statewide network it fed.) Frank Pedde did the 6pm weather live (he was in sales all day) and then taped it at 6:30 for 10pm replay. The inevitable happened when one night
 he reported all was well and a huge storm was causing serious flooding all over the Valley. Good days, and old days -- but maybe not "the good old days"?"
Roger Ball tells us:
 "This was my first news unit at Channel 12. I got it in July of 1969 when I replaced Greg Cooke who went to the network. It had a cooler for ice and beverages, two folding chairs, and a GIGANTIC Auricon camera setup weighing a lot. Loved it until driving up Central one morning to an armed robbery of a jewelry store at Park Central when the radiator hose blew and burned my let (engine up front, close to driver). Yes, those are blue lights on top that did flash. Long story about how new units had them in those days."






Emmett Lancaster - Art Director KTAR





KTAR- TV Creates New Advertising Concept 

A totally new television advertising concept,
created and refined by KT AR Television staff
embers, has proven highly successful for
erge Ford, of Mesa, Arizona.

Behind that simple fact stands an interesting
nd effective blend of creativity, sales counsel-
ing, cooperation and faith between an advertiser
and a television station.

Phoenix, like any of a number of major
elevision markets, is marked by strong and
constant competition among automobile deal-
ers. Television is a key part of the campaign
of m
any dealers, and Berge Ford was one of
the pioneer users of the medium in the Phoenix
metro area.

But the key point is that Berge was willing
to accept an approach, a concept, toward tele-
vision advertising that was radically different
anything seen in the market - and willing
to let KTAR-TV exercise considerable creative
leeway in the campaign.

The effort centers, from the start, on Emmett
Lancaster, Creative Director for KTAR Tele-
ision. Working with Roy Borden, KTAR-TV
ales account executive, Emmett was the main,
figure in a brain-storming session, a few years
back, aimed at developing a commercial for
erge Ford.

Far more than a commercial emerged from
e session, which involved a number of the
station's staff members with creative respon-
sibilities of one kind or another.

A concept was born - a concept of animated
t, . coupled with advertising messages that
were institutional, long-range in nature, in
contrast to the "buy-this-car-right-now" ap-
proach prevalent in the market.

The art, created by Lancaster, moves me-
chanically, on cue, in direct relation to the
oundtrack for the spot.

And - in another revolutionary step - the
spots were designed as SO-second commercials,
rather than the traditional 60's.

The founder of Berge Ford, C. M. Berge,
and his associates accepted the concept, and
campaign was off and running - a campaign
that has proved highly effective, and which
has had
added to it new dimensions of cre-
tivity and impact over the months


. There has been great pay-off for Berge,
and for KTAR-TV:

(When Brent Berge, another member of the
amily, opened a Mazda dealership, the com-
mercial campaign centered in the station's
creative area. So did the Desert Toyota dealer-
ship in Tucson.)

The informal creative partnership continues
- between Craig Berge, General Manager of
Berge Ford, and Jerry Dineen, General Sales
anager, on one side, and Emmett Lancaster,
Roy Borden and the KTAR- TV production
eam, on the other.

And, like all good stories, this one has a
j kicker:

Looking for a bright close to the most recent
spot in the series, Emmett transposed "Berge
Ford" into "forge bird." That transposed phrase
came the figure of an animated bird, playing
e auto firm's jingle on an anvil to close the

. spot.


Emmett Lancaster ,(right), Creative Direc-
tor, KTAR-TV, demonstrates newest piece
of "animated art" for Berge Ford Ceneral
Manager, Jerry Dineen, prior to filming





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Daniel J Webster tells us:
Packing to move. Found a script I wrote for Kim Sedgewick for Nightly News on the arrest of Don Bolles' murderer. Remember that day. Flew from Santa Barbara where I was vacationing to LA and PHX. Had about an hour and a half to make the feed. So glad to not be doing that for a living anymore.










The  KNAZ Sign at SMCC Archives!  KNAZ  was at one time more than
 a translator- they had a news crew and everything!  - Gone but not forgotten.

We have  some other signs and a 3/4" Sony deck  from  there.




The  KNAZ Sign at SMCC Archives!  KNAZ  was at one time more than
 a translator- they had a news crew and everything!  - Gone but not forgotten.





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