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 Children in Radioland
 by Pastor Johannes Hoifeld


Looking for info on a radio show related to a book we  have called "Children in Radioland" by Pastor Johannes Hoifeld.

Hoifield was the pastor of the First Lutheran Church in Ketchikan, Alaska and made Saturday morning broadcasts on the local radio station in which children in his congregation participated.

This book was published in 1946 , and appears to be self published. The address says Eureka California, so we can surmise  from comments in the preface the pastor here is retired and  now residing in Eureka. More info please!


The preface says:


God filled my heart with joy as I was gathering the material for this book. With much pleasure did I recall the varied experiences we had in creating these radio messages which were given over the station K T K N on Saturday mornings. As the author was responsible for three or more radio broadcasts every week it meant a very busy time for the pastor. It was not so laborious, however, as one might think because we met with such courtesy by the personnel of the station, co-operation by the children and young people whom we asked to participate in the broadcasts, and assistance by the good parents who always could be counted on to give the proper inducement to the youngsters who were to appear on the radio. The numerous expressions of appreciation conveyed to us by an ever-increasing radio audience, of which many were servicemen with bases in or around Ketchikan, simply urged and carried us on.

My loyal and fine congregation, the First Lutheran Church of Ketchikan, stood solidly back of us to the last soul, ever willing to help put the difficult task across. Our mutual joy over the popularity of these programs strengthened every one of us, so that the somewhat uncertain undertaking became a happy adventure in radio-experience. And as we continued with the work it was noticeable how greatly the broadcasting helped the young radioartists who assisted me. As we had so many different ages on our Children's Programs, ranging from seven to sixteen years old, we naturally had to vary the programs. If these humble efforts will fill a need and satisfy a want in our religious radio literature, or at least be of some help and blessing to those into whose hand this volume may fall, we shall feel very much compensated for the efforts put forth with thanks to Almighty God.
















Who are the  people in the photo of the  Confirmation class of 1944?  There's no caption with names... Email us! Let's give them an identity!


Here is an broadcast transcript that has the first names of  some in the photo.



MAKING TRUTH INTERESTING (Given by a Senior Confirmation Class)



"How great it is! How glorious!
-A holy splendidness:
When young folks their lives in truth do yield 
To Christ as his own-with zeal.
If but the Savior the heart may win
-The youthful heart complete
From secret fault and open sin
Subdued at Jesus' feet."

They listen to first verse. . . (Three Confirmands sitting

together in the home of one of them.) (Announcer, please play chorus of first verse softly in the background so that speaking may be heard.) ELEANOR: "Say, girls, I am surely glad you came over tonight. You can perhaps join me in the study of our Confirmation lesson."

RITA: "That's why we came over, Eleanor."

JACQUELINE: "But don't you girls think we had better turn the radio off if we are going to study our Confirmation lesson ?" ELEANOR: "Sure, but I love that song they are singing. We all know it, why can't we join in and sing it first?"

RITA: "That suits me fine. I like that song, too."

(The rest of the Confirmands are coming in . . . Whispering. . .)

 ELEANOR: "Hey, there, you scholars, but what a strange coincidence. Why do you all come in to see me?" CLAIR OLD: "Because we are worried about our test at the



next class meeting, that's why. You look as though you all got it already on your fingertips."

ARTHUR: "Why, all we need now is the minister. Here is the whole class. Isn't that funny?"

ELEANOR: "What's so funny about that, 1'd like to know? It won't be so funny if we flunk in that test the minister is going to give us. But before I turn the radio off, we want you all to join in and sing that song they are singing."

ARNE: "How can we do that? We are no radio singers, are we?"

VIVIAN: "Swell, then we can learn. I agree with Eleanor. It's lots of fun to sing with the radio. I often do that at home. I am sure we all know the last verse to that song. Come on, kids, let's sing. . ."


"Young friend, perhaps you ask us now
If this is really so.
o come to Jesus, 'fore him bow
He'll set your heart aglow.
When he alone clears clouds away
It shines into your soul
Bend down in pray'r 'fore God today
And all, yea all is well."

(The Pastor enters when they sing the chorus and joins in

singing it. . . .)


"Sing, all young folks, sing
Your youthful beauty bring,
The young folks like wreaths of morning dew
 'Round Golgotha cross stand true
Like birds in spring I sing so free,
The festal robe I wear
The loveliest sight that I can see
Is young folks with God in pray'r."

SONJA: "Look there, you; the Pastor is here!"

PASTOR: "Why, class, what is this? Here I come to make a home-call on this family, and I find you all here. I hope I'm not intruding, my dear ones, am I?"

ELEANOR: "Not at all, Pastor, not at all, is he, kids?" ALL: "Why, no."

LEIF: "That's just swell, pastor. One of the Confirmands just said a while ago, that all we lacked was the minister, and here you come."

PASTOR: "But what kind of a get-to-gether party is this, and who made it up?" JEAN: "Why, pastor, we met the other group, all these of the class, outside the house here as we came in to see Eleanor.


. . . We had heard that Rita and Jacqueline had gone over before to see her about the lesson."

SONJA: "That's right, pastor, and we are just a little worried about the lesson."

HAROLD: "But it seems very interesting."

EDDIE: "But kind of hard, though. . . . Still, I think we can get it if we try." PASTOR: "Good idea, folks. Supposing we get to work and tackle the lesson. Perhaps I could help you with it a little." CLARICE: "We always get it easier, pastor, when you explain the lesson to us." ARNE: "Will you kindly do that, Pastor? I guess we all agree to that."

ALL: "We sure do."

PASTOR: "Well, then children, with the hostess' permission, we shall go to work." ELEANOR: "That is perfectly O.K. with me. But it really is too much to expect." PASTOR: "Not at all, my Confirmands. I am here to serve and help you. Let me see, who has a Catechism to let me use? "

 VIVIAN : "You may use mine, Pastor."

PASTOR: "Thank you. . . . And here I see you have the lesson all marked, pages and questions and all. . . . However, there is something we call orientation, which means to get the right focus on things, and to get things kind of in an organized manner. And to begin with, I think we had better get a right outlook or perspective of things. Nothing like getting a good start, you know. First of all, class, who can tell me on what other book our classbook, the Catechism, is built . . . Who knows?"

JEAN: "You have taught us that all the teaching in our church is built on the Bible, the Word of God."


PASTOR: "That is correct. . . . And now, will someone tell us who wrote the Bible and how the Bible is divided according to its contents, and also the time written . . . and whatever else you have in mind. It will all count in that test, you know."

VIVIAN: "I'd like to take that, Pastor. And I say that the Bible is God's own inspired word, and that God got men and women over a period of about 1,600 years to write it down for Him. These writers were practically from all walks of life, but all were obedient to the voice and command of God. The book itself is divided into the Old and the New Testament, and these two testaments comprise 66 books, together, larger and smaller. Genesis is the first book in the Bible and Revelation the last."

PASTOR: "Indeed very good. . . . And why did God command these people to write the Bible? Tell me also who ought to read it, and what is the central truth or lesson in the Bible? Can someone answer that, too, then I would say you have a wonderful start."

ARNE: "Well, Pastor, I should think that God wanted the truth to be known, and if the Bible is His own word, as our church claims for it, then we also know that God wants all people to read the Bible and regard it a very precious gift. But I guess that a lot of people like the movies better, and the funnies. The main thought or gist of the Bible is that God has created man in His own image. But the devil fooled man in the garden of Eden and tripped Adam and Eve, and thus God's image was ruined. But we learn in the Bible how this image of God can be restored by learning about and believing in God's Son, Jesus Christ, who died for us, and thus paid for our sins and saved us. I guess that is right isn't it?" PASTOR: "It surely is. You certainly would get a 100 for that, young man. And now will someone tell us how the


Catechism is built up or arranged? I mean, how it is systematically divided into parts or classes."

HAROLD: "In five parts. Do you want me to name them?" PASTOR: "Yes, if you please. That is quite important." HAROLD: "The first part is the Ten Commandments, or the law; the second part gives us the three Articles of Faith, the third teaches us the Lord's Prayer and how to understand each' part of it; the fourth part is about Baptism, and the fifth part gives us the teaching of the other Sacrament, the Lord's Supper."

PASTOR: "Very well, that is fine. Now we are orientated. But the time is flying fast, and I suppose you folks are tired now already . . . After all, this is not the regular class period."

CLARICE: "No, we are not tired. It is interesting. But if the Confirmands want to sing a song for a change, I shall be glad to accompany you at the piano."

ELEANOR: "Yes, why not sing our Catechism song, Pastor.

We all like that one."

PASTOR: "Our Catechism song, that is a good name for it. You mean the hymn that is divided like the Catechism and really has everything in it of these parts."

ELEANOR: "Yes, I mean that one we are learning, No. 110, , 'Fear My Child Thy God and Lord.'"'

CLAIROLD: "If we know that hymn by heart I think we have the whole Catechism well in hand. I am going to learn that hymn to get more help in learning what it is all about. And as these great truths are set to music it is easier for us to take hold of it. I think we ought to sing the entire hymn." LEIF: "I think so too. We were promised credit for it if we know it well. It isn't so hard to learn." PASTOR: "I thank God for the interest you are showing and for the spirit in which you take hold of the work in the


confirmation class. And you are right. It is a great hymn. But I don't want to tire you out."

JACQUELINE: "If someone else will say a verse of it I will start. I know the first verse already." ARTHUR: "Go ahead, Jackie, I'll take a verse too, and I am sure others know some of the other verses." PASTOR: "Good enough. Let us hear how much of it you know."


"Fear, my child, thy God and Lord,
And revere His name and word,
Holy keep the Sabbath day,
Honor to thy parents pay,
Kill not, shun adultery,
Steal not, lies and slander flee,
Keep from coveteousness free."


"In the Father I believe,
Who to all did being give,
And in Jesus Christ His Son,
Who for man redemption won;
And my faith 1 also place
In the Holy Ghost, whose grace
Sanctifies our souls and ways."

PASTOR: "Here is a heritage for life, my dear young people. I hope you will always treasure such fine teachings and sentiments. Now we ought to sing these two verses."


VIVIAN: "May I say the third verse, Pastor. And I think Jean and Eleanor will say the last two. May we?" PASTOR: "All right, go right ahead. You know we all enjoy it. And radioland is all ears . . . listening . . . listening . . . And God is standing by blessing us all "



"Father, throned in heaven above, Hallowed be Thy name in love; Let Thy kingdom come, we pray, And Thy will be done alway;

Give us food, forgiveness send,
In temptations aid extend,
Save us, Thou, when comes our end."


"God the Father, God the Son, God the Spirit, Three in One.

I, baptized into Thy name,

As Thy child Thy blessing claim: Grant that in Thy covenant grace I my trust in Thee may place, Till in heaven I see Thy face."


"Jesus, let my soul be fed

With Thyself, the living bread, For Thy flesh is meat indeed, And Thy cleansing blood I need; Let it cleanse from sin and shame, That Thy death I may proclaim, And forever bless Thy name."


(book page numbers left in the text above for reference purposes)





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