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This  museum honors Glendale born and country music legend Marty Robbins. Tours are free Tuesday-Saturday from 10 am to 5 pm. 5804 W. Myrtle Ave., (623) 847-7047.


The Marty Robbins 14th Annual Tribute will be Saturday, September 24th 2005 at 7 PM at the Glendale Amphitheater. We understand that the park will be finished by the previous weekend in time for the Mexican Fiesta.

Marty Robbins Trivia: The Amphitheater, which was a dirt road years ago is where Marty was when he decided to start using the name Marty Robbins. His name of birth was Martin David Robinson and he was named for a Dr. Martin who delivered him. Marty spent a lot of time in old downtown Glendale, he was everywhere and he sang and played guitar everywhere and he called Glendale his home.

He went to Nashville in 1953 to join the Opry he was later interviewed and asked about his greatest success to date and he said it was when his hometown of Glendale Arizona named September 26th (his birthday) Marty Robbins Day.


See a nice story by a visitor to the Marty Robbins Display in Catlin Court at:

And... the press release gives  even more info!

The eleventh annual Marty Robbins Tribute will be held Saturday, September 21, 2002 at the Glendale Amphitheater in Murphy Park, 58th Avenue and Glendale in downtown Glendale. Sponsored by the Friends of Marty Robbins we are dedicated to keeping his music and memory alive. The Tribute will be hosted this year by KNIX's W. Steven Martin with Entertainment by the 3 Wheel Drive Band, Kimball Win, Herb DeFreese, Wilson Gillette, Steven Wamsley and many more. The curtain goes up at 7 PM, bring a chair or blanket and enjoy a wonderful evening of country music. Admission is by donation. Cold drinks and snacks will be available. For more information call 623-847-7047.


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