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Maryland Public Television - Old Name - 
Maryland Center For Public Broadcasting



Maryland Center For Public Broadcasting - RCA BROADCAST NEWS  JUNE 1970


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 Maryland Public Television - Old Name - 
Maryland Center For Public Broadcasting


Maryland Public Television (MPT) (formerly the Maryland Center for Public Broadcasting) is a not-for-profit, state-licensed public television network which serves U.S. state of Maryland. Its six transmitters cover nearly all of the state, plus Washington, D.C. and parts of Virginia, West Virginia, Delaware and Pennsylvania.

MPT's local and regional television credits include several state-focused programs on civic and public affairs, as well as a variety of original performance, documentary, and entertainment offerings for the citizens of Maryland. Beyond broadcasting, MPT creates instructional videos, develops training, and builds Internet sites that serve tens of thousands of students, teachers, and child-care providers annually. The centerpiece of MPT's service to Maryland educators, students, and families is Thinkport, a Web site that offers online teaching resources, professional development opportunities and digital technology tools to assist educators.

Maryland Public Television has earned awards ranging from television Emmys for its quality productions to government citations for its volunteerism and educational accomplishments. Since 1969, MPT has broadcast an analog signal from transmission towers throughout Maryland, and now provides digital transmission as well. In February 2000, the network's first digital signal began from MPT's transmitter in the Annapolis/Crownsville area. MPT has been led by Robert J. Shuman, president and chief executive officer, since 1996. It operates under the auspices of the Maryland Public Broadcasting Commission and benefits from the support of an affiliated 501(c)(3) organization, the MPT Foundation, Inc. (formerly known as the Maryland Public Broadcasting Foundation, Inc.)

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Maryland Public Television


statewide Maryland




Digital: see table below




Maryland Public Broadcasting Commission

First air date

October 5, 1969

Call letters' meaning

see table below

Former affiliations

NET (19691970)

Transmitter power

see table below


see table below

Facility ID

see table below

Transmitter coordinates

see table below




As of 2009, the MPT television stations are:

Station City of license Channels
First air date Call letters'
ERP HAAT Facility ID Transmitter Coordinates
WMPB Baltimore 67 (PSIP)
29 (UHF)
October 5, 1969 Maryland
14 kW 309 m 65944 3926′50″N 7646′48″W / 39.44722N 76.78W / 39.44722; -76.78 (WMPB)
WMPT1 Annapolis 22 (PSIP)
42 (UHF)
September 22, 1975 Maryland
150 kW 289 m 65942 390′36″N 7636′33″W / 39.01N 76.60917W / 39.01; -76.60917 (WMPT)
WCPB Salisbury 28 (PSIP)
28 (UHF)
March 19712 Coastal
132 kW 155 m 40618 3823′9″N 7535′33″W / 38.38583N 75.5925W / 38.38583; -75.5925 (WCPB)
WWPB Hagerstown 31 (PSIP)
44 (UHF)
October 5, 1974 Western Maryland
209 kW 359 m 65943 3939′4″N 7758′15″W / 39.65111N 77.97083W / 39.65111; -77.97083 (WWPB)
WGPT Oakland 36 (PSIP)
36 (UHF)
July 4, 1987 Garrett County
45 kW 291 m 40619 3924′14″N 7917′37″W / 39.40389N 79.29361W / 39.40389; -79.29361 (WGPT)
WFPT Frederick 62 (PSIP)
28 (UHF)
July 4, 1987 Frederick
30 kW 159 m 40626 3915′37″N 7718′44″W / 39.26028N 77.31222W / 39.26028; -77.31222 (WFPT)


  • 1. WMPT used the callsign WAPB (the "A" standing for Annapolis) from its 1975 sign-on until July 4, 1984.
  • 2. The Broadcasting and Cable Yearbook says WCPB signed on March 21, while the Television and Cable Factbook says it signed on March 18.

 Cable and satellite coverage

MPT is available on all Maryland cable systems. Additionally, WMPB is available on the Baltimore DirecTV and Dish Network feeds. WMPT is available on many cable systems in the Washington area, as well as the Washington DirecTV and Dish Network feeds.

Digital television

The network's digital signals are multiplexed:

Sub-channel Programming
xx.1 MPT Logo.gif
main MPT/PBS programming
xx.2 MPT2 Logo.gif
xx.3 V-me logo.svg

 Analog-to-digital conversion

After the analog television shutdown on June 12, 2009:[1]

  • WCPB and WGPT returned to channels 28 and 36, respectively;[2][3]
  • WMPB, WMPT, WWPB, and WFPT remained on their respective, pre-transition channel numbers (29, 42, 44, and 28).[4][5][6][7]

Through the use of PSIP, digital television receivers display virtual channels for each MPT station corresponding to their previous analog channel numbers.



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