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FDC from France                                            Nice US Cover





Cachet cover commemorating the launching of Bell System's Communications Satellite, Telstar. On July 10, 1962, Telstar, launched on Delta 12 and perhaps the most famous early satellite after Sputnik, was the first commercial communications satellite in orbit. Owned by AT&T and flown by NASA, it relayed the first transatlantic television transmissions between Andover, Maine, and stations in Goonhilly, England and Pleumeur-Bodou, France. Cover is postmarked on that day, July 10, 1962 from Andover, ME. Telstar carried a 'transponder,' which could receive, amplify and then retransmit signals back to earth. Although their capacity, power and switching ability has evolved significantly since that time, modern communications satellites operate in essentially the same way today. Cachet shows Telstar. Cover is unaddressed and in very fine condition...







Yes! Telstar Fireworks even!

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this 7 inch plate is the second in a limited series by BYGD0 of Denmark it is from the momentous events---man and his world communication series TELSTAR. This plate is the first issue in the category of communications. The back of the plate is marked 1972 edition #2 the Kensington line and describes the event of July 10,1963 the day telstar was born this may have been a reference to telstar II though!

A very interesting advertising card for the material that covers the Radome. The cover was made by Birdair Structures, and has a piece of the fabric on it to show you what it is like. On the back it shows the communications satellite for the Bell System at Andover, Maine


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Telstar The Song!

Delta no. 11 launched from Cape Kennedy by NASA, for AT&T to orbit TELSTAR 1, AT&T's "experimental communication satellite.This is the front of the Postcard.


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This large and beautiful "Telstar I " Proof Silver Bar containing a heavy ounce of sterling silver! Issued and hallmarked by the Franklin Mint in 1973 and measuring 2" x 1".
(Photo: Xchanger's Coins and Collectibles) 

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The banner is black and white with the saying "Rumford Maine, Gateway to Telstar" embossed and a picture of a satellite . These banners were made when the bubble was originally constructed, then sold to the tourists. It is in mint condition measuring 27" long X 9" at its widest point.

A magazine published by Bell Laboratories in April 1963 is devoted to the first telecommunications satellite flown for commercial purposes. The 1962 flight of Telstar I resulted in the first spaceborne transmission of a TV signal across the Atlantic Ocean.


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