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IBM Portable PC Computer 5155 model 68
Developer IBM
Type portable computer
Release date February 1984
Discontinued April 1986 [1]
Operating system IBM PC DOS Version 2.10 (disk)
CPU Intel 8088 @ 4.77MHz
Memory 256 kB (expandable to 512 kB)
Storage One or two half-height 5¼" 360 kB floppy disk drives
Display CGA card connected to an internal 9 inch monochrome (amber) composite monitor
Weight 30 pounds (13.6 kg)

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IBM PC Convertible
IBM PC Convertible
Release date April 3, 1986; 29 years ago
Introductory price 2000 US$ (today $4302.98)
Operating system IBM PC DOS with custom icon-oriented shell interface
CPU Intel 80c88 CPU @ 4.77 MHz
Memory 256 kB of RAM (expandable to 640 kB)
Storage Dual 720 kB 3.5" floppy drives
Display Monochrome CGA-compatible LCDscreen.
Graphics 80x25 (text), 640x200, and 320x200
Power Battery: 9.6v/2400mAh (NiCd)
Power supply: 15 VDC, 2.7A.
Weight 13 pounds (5.8 kg)
Successor IBM PS/2 L40 SX
IBM PS/55 note

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Toshiba Laptop Historical note.....

November 30, 2005

Toshiba Channel Partners:

On November 15th, Atsutoshi Nishida, President and Chief Executive Officer for Toshiba Corporation, was inducted into the CRN Industry Hall of Fame. Hall of Fame inductees are a select group of pioneers and innovators who are recognized for their outstanding merit and accomplishment through a stringent criteria analysis, singling out those who have been pivotal figures in evolving the technology industry.

Twenty years ago, Mr. Nishida introduced Toshiba’s first notebook computer to the world and a multi-billion dollar industry was born. As Toshiba’s President and CEO, Mr. Nishida continues the company’s quest to give the world uniquely differentiated notebook computers by introducing industry-first technologies month-after-month and year-after-year.

I want to share with you Mr. Nishida’s recognition of all those who played a role in launching the company’s notebook computer, particularly Toshiba’s channel partners. The following is a direct quote from his acceptance speech:

“I can mention many business partners and many people from all parts of the industry and the media who have had enormous impact on the computer industry and Toshiba. However, I will single out one group that has contributed enormous value to our business, and that is our channel partners. I recognize and commit with great gratitude to those who have taken our products into the hands of people around the world.”

Mr. Nishida’s vision was and is to change the way the world works, communicates and collaborates. But to realize his dream requires Toshiba to partner with members of the channel who understand relationships and have intimate knowledge of their customers’ needs. It is this partnership with the channel that made Toshiba notebook computers the premier choice in America and positioned the company as the dominant supplier. And, he thanks you for being our partner.

Today, Toshiba remains committed to its channel partners, providing award winning programs and products that will allow you to make a difference to your customers. Mobile computing is Toshiba’s sole focus, and the company offers you a double benefit – the most innovative and reliable products and the best business proposition in the industry. If anyone questioned Toshiba’s commitment to the channel in the past, make no mistake about it today: Supporting channel partners is our primary strategy, and we need your help to ensure our mutual success.

Digital Products Division
Toshiba America Information Systems, Inc.






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