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Hamburger in 30 Seconds
On Stove at R. & T. Exhibit

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Dr. Wayne Salisbury roasts wiener on electronic stove.
(note, the paper misspelled his name here...  also there was no date on this clipping but I was able to  find the wingless chicken exhibition at the fair was 1947 by searching google)


An electronic stove, which will cook a hamburger in 30 seconds or pop a sack of popcorn almost instantly, will be one of the centennial exhibits at The Des Moines Register and Tribune building at the Iowa state fair.


Another display at The Register and Tribune's exhibit will be The wingless chicken which will be shown in its various stages of development.


The wingless chicken was developed by Peter. H. Baumann, 6809 Roseland ave., and has received international attention since development of the non-flying bird was announced several weeks ago.


The electronics stove, which is actually a microwave signal generator, is modern science's answer to the housewife who wants to get out of the kitchen with the least possible delay.


Visitors at the exhibit will see actual demonstrations of high speed cookery. Steaks will be cooked thoroughly in one minute. Potatoes will be cooked in two minutes.


With this new device in use, about 10 minutes is the time required to accomplish work that usually takes two hours for completion. A few eastern hotels already have put the electronic cooker in use.


In Charge.


Dr. Wynn Salisbury, director of research at the Collins Radio Co. will be in charge of the demonstration.

The Register and Tribune building at the fair is on the north side of Grand Avenue, a short distance inside the fairgrounds, and just east of the Iowa state conservation commission building. The building will be open from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily during the fair, Aug. 26 - Sept. 2.


footnoteadded by ed sharpe ... In 1950, Hall and a small group of investors purchased a refrigeration plant in Amana, Iowa. Amana Appliances set the standards for quality in residential appliances, and introduced an innovative method of cooking with what was known as the Radar Range you know it today as a microwave oven.

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