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1950's the Signal Corps Mobile Television System- at the
 Signal Corps Pictorial Center (SCPC)-  Long Island City, NY.


1950's - Signal Corps Mobile Television System- at the
Signal Corps Pictorial Center (SCPC)-Long Island City, NY.


Edward Boykin Did a nice  section over on the Army Pictorial; Group ... links  below... 


From late 1952 to early 1954 I was stationed at the Signal Corps Pictorial Center in Long Island City n Y. At the time I was a member of a unit known as the Signal Corps Mobile Television System. It was really great duty.  I am enclosing rough copies of material of that time frame which would pertain to the activities of SCPC and the 9440TSU.  (See photographs and correspondence below.)



During the 1950's the Signal Corps Mobile Television System/as based at the Signal Corps Pictorial Center (SCPC) in Long Island City, NY.

The unit was composed of 9 officers and 18 enlisted men.

The unit was considered mobile because the entire operation was composed of 9 vehicles as indicated below:

Transmitter, or production truckTransmitter generator and equipment truck - Receiver and video distribution truck  
Receiver generator and equipment truck- Kinescope recorder bus - Hi-lift or special purpose truck- Shop truck - Personnel bus- Staff car

The major equipment trucks were equipped with latest commercial broadcast grade television equipment. The trucks were well-equipped and had 3 cameras with the latest zoom type lens.

The unit traveled throughout the US to demonstrate and evaluate the use of TV for the military environment.  Places visited were:

West Point - Fort Bragg - Fort Monmouth - Fort Eustis - Fort Monroe - Fort Benning - Camp Gordon - Aberdeen Proving Grounds

It would be interesting to note that the majority of the enlisted staff were draftees from the commercial television broadcast industry.


Photographs  and article provided by Edward Boykin: at link below. See it!







August 1967  - Article on US Army Signal School
Television - Ft. Monmouth -  RCA BROADCAST NEWS

See the August 1967 Article on US Army Signal School Television 
- Ft. Monmouth that appeared in RCA BROADCAST NEWS

Thanks to Louis Goldberg for providing this to us.

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