Modems and Acoustic Couplers
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1962 Western Electric Data Phone Ad



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1963 Bell Telephone System Data-Phone







(Ad from 1974 TDI Conference Proceedings)

Now available is an inexpensive coupler for teletype use from one of the oldest
and most respected names in acoustic couplers - OMNITEC.
Even with the low price, this unit features - half or full duplex switching, carrier
indicator light, minimum installation time, off-the-shelf delivery in most quantities,
but most of all - the OMNITEC high standard of quality.
Sounds too good to be true? Call us and see -
2405 South 20th Street
Phoenix, Arizona 85034
(602) 258-8246




aug 2 , 1976 computerworld p 17



modemsbell-desk-dataset2.gif (6400753 bytes)

Bell System
Aprl, 1965

Few things are as useless to a businessman as information that reaches him too late

When vital business information is tardy, something or someone usually suffers. Production is slowed up. A customer has to wait. A decision is delayed.

Remedy: Bell System Data-Phone* service. Connected with the business machine-virtually any type - it converts data (from punched cards or tapes) into a special “tone” language and transmits it over the same nationwide telephone network you use for voice communications.

The result is an integrated information-handling system. You have facts when you need them. You reduce paperwork and clerical man-hours, serve customers better and coordinate all your  operations more effectively.

Data-Phone service is solving problems for many business firms today. To find out more about this service, talk with our Communications Consultant. He’s a trained specialist. Just call your  Bell Telephone Business Office and ask for his services.

Bell System American Telephone and Telegraph Co. and Associated Companies



wpe1.jpg (33511 bytes)
Dennis Hoffman - Teaneck:

My customer has an Olivetti
terminal that he wants to use
on GE Time-Sharing Service.
How much does our acoustic
coupler cost and what is the
rental fee?

The TDM 114 acoustic coupler
rents for $25 a month (including
maintenance by service
shops) and sells for $395. The
TDM 115 acoustic coupler costs

Aug. 1968 GE service  Note  - time share  etc

Full-duplex Bob Dunn - Houston: Can
vs. half- either full-duplex or half-duplex
on Datanet-730 lines be used with the acoustic
coupler on the new Datanet-
730 terminal by simply flipping
a switch from one to the other?
The Datanet-730 terminal is
presently equipped with the
TDM 114 acoustic coupler. By
the end of 1969, a Datanet-730
with a TDM 115 acoustic
coupler should be available.
Both the TDM 114 and the
TDM 11 5 have a "copy" switch
which permits full- and halfduplex
operation. The TDM
114 can operate only in originate
mode with no capability
to switch from originate to
answer mode.
The TDM 115 operates in both
originate and answer modes and
can be used to communicate to
another Datanet 730 terminal.






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