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Motorola Enters
TV Market 

The young lady serves to demonstrate the clarity of the new Motorola, Inc. TV camera
and industrial monitor which are part of a line of equipment to be introduced this fall. 


The last quarter of this year will mark the introduction of a line of five new closed-circuit television cameras and two monitors by Motorola, incIt also marks the firm's entrance into the educational and industrial TV field.

The basic general-purpose camera is available in four versions, providing 550 to 600 lines in horizontal resolution. It weighs approximately 2lbs. and is only 5 1/2 by 11 by 7 inches, putting out a one volt video signal into a 75 ohm coaxial

The four versions of this unit provide: (1) either automatic light compensation, or, manually controlled compensation; (2) either random­ interlace, or, locked-interlace. The automatic models adjust by themselves for variations as much as 200 to one in light levels at the televised scene, making it possible to use the systems in low light areas if necessary. 

This also eliminates the need to make adjustments as lighting conditions change, especially suitable if natural light is involved in any way. In the random-interlace models, picture stability is assured through the use of crystal controlled horizontal sweep circuits, power frequency con­trolled vertical sweep and well-shaped sync pulses.

The fifth camera in the line is a viewfinder, broadcast quality unit for studio work in        elaborate educational or industrial training TV systems. 

The industrial monitor has a 14-inch screen with 600-line resolution. The second monitor is a 21-inch model designed especially for educa­tional work and capable of receiving both closed circuit video signals and regular off-the-air broad­cast signals. It can also be used as an audio amplifier. 

Equipment for the new line includes a complete selection of mounting, optical and distribution accessories to meet all application requirements. The camera uses a standard 16mm/C lens mount and can accommodate a remote control, four-lens turret. Functions such as remote pan and tilt, iris control, focus and zoom lens can be added to the camera. 


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SEPTEMBER, 1959 Management and Business Automation



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