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Phillips-Norelco PC-60, PC-70 PCP-70 and PCP-90


Greetings fellow Engineers and History Buffs!
We have a pretty good chance of  getting this  to live as  we have  a few camera heads ... some spare  modules for this rack... and believe it or not.... It appears we have all the cables too!
I am pretty good at figuring things out but.... it  would, be wonderful to have manuals and  a couple people to help out on this project that have some background  with this camera and chain. Below are some  photos  from the stash  to tempt  you to help!
 I will not attempt to pt power to it until some of  us  talk.
Yes..... we even have the hip pack converter that will hook a PCP-70 portable  into the rack!
We need the PCP-70...
Remember  need  spares  too... you know  even if  the Conrac monitor will fire up and   the  monitor below it.... they are gonna die at some point!
Please join  in the FUN! Drop me a note.

Ed Sharpe, Archivist for SMECC

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Nice clean head.... it has a chance!





This is another head I had... Dunno what may be  wrong with it.  dressed to look like the camera that  broadcast Cronkite - normal sized lens....




Here is what an control unit was like.


bad bad  photo taken in darkness! ok but look at the 1000mm  30x lens Schneider Varigon!

Yes.... even the hip pack converter that will hook a pcp-70 portable  into the rack! - We need the PCP-70...



Phillips-BTS-Thompson LDK-20

wpe5A.jpg (47508 bytes)

wpe5B.jpg (39297 bytes) wpe61.jpg (68213 bytes)


See the 2 round Phillips-BTS-Thompson connectors? We need  cables and/or  connectors to match what you are seeing here.  Data lines tie the MCP camera and  ocp together to the base station.




Here is an LDK-20 in  A Thompson paint job.
 Nice new style Vinton  head under it too!




Need the  script holder panel and script light  for this camera. 
Alas it is missing. see headset connectors?
we do need  headsets also.


wpe63.jpg (113801 bytes)

We do not even have much info on this except  for a small  sales sheet.

wpe65.jpg (74549 bytes)

Anyone had a retired rain cover for one of these that is still decent? 
It might be  fun to take one of the display units  and 'cloak' it!
Note the Pedestal is a Vinten Fulmar but seems darker...








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