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RESUME OF Rene M. Rogers    ageseeker1@juno.com     
APRIL 10, 2001         1144 London Ave. Sunnyvale, CA 94087


            University of Florida, BEE (with high honors), 1946‑1950

            Ohio State University, MSc EE (vacuum tubes), 1950‑1952.

            University of Santa Clara, 1969-71.  Early Morning Engineering Program.
         Theory of Probability, Quantum Mechanics, and Digital Systems.


Teaching Experience:

            Ohio State University, 1951-52.  Power Transmission.  Rotating Machinery.    Microwave Transmission Networks.

San Jose City College, 1956-60.  Adult Vocational Evening Classes in Vacuum Tube Technology.

            University of Santa Clara, 1970-71.   Earlybird Program.   Heat Transfer.


General Experience:

            1944-1946 - U.S. Navy, Electronics Technician.


            1952-1956 -       Bell Telephone Laboratories, Murray Hill, NJ, Member, Technical Staff.  Microwave vacuum tube research engineer under J. R. Pierce and C. C. Cutler.


            1956-1971 -       Varian Associates, Palo Alto, CA, Microwave Vacuum Tube Engineer.  Responsible for instrumentation and general hardware in support of research scientists in Central Research.  General troubleshooter in BWO and Small Klystron production group.  Properties of materials and processes.


            1971-1981 -       Self-employed real estate broker/builder dba Arrowhead Properties, Sunnyvale, CA. Board of Directors, Sunnyvale Board of Realtors. Chairman, Grievance Committee.  Member, Ethics & Professional Standards Committee.  Director, California Association of Realtors.


            1981-1988 -       Teledyne MEC: General troubleshooter in support of traveling wave tube manufacturing operation.


            1988-1996 -       Litton Electron Devices, Sr. Scientist, Microwave Tubes.  Program Manager for wide band klystron development for a military radar system.  Received Litton Corporate PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT AWARD for this work.


            1/1/97.      -        Officially retired.


Reports: A partial list of written reports, mostly within the past 10 years, on in‑depth studies follows.  A number of these projects involved the development of highly effective computer routines, particularly in the area of microwave network analysis and synthesis.


            1. A High Power Phasable 2 : 1 Mismatch

            2. A Review of the Theory of Outgassing

            3. Beam Pumping of Residual Gases

            4. Refrigeration of the Cathode by Thermionic Emission

            5. Temperature and Power Distribution in a TWT Gun

            6. A Lumped Element Model of a Microwave Coax Window

            7. A Broadband Waveguide-to-coax Transition

            8. Measuring Emissivity and Conductivity of Cathode Elements

            9. Return Loss of Helix Terminations and RF Fine Grain

            10. Measuring Thermal Linkages Between a TWT Helix and its Environment

            11. Broadband Matching of Reactive Loads

            12. Outgassing the Region Between Close Fitting Surfaces

            13. A Tutorial on Solenoid and PPM Focusing of Electron


            14. Measuring the Properties of Very Lossy Ceramics

            15. Quality Control of Lossy Ceramics for Cavity Loading

            16. Step Transformers in Ridged Waveguide

            17. Reflection Measurements in Ridged Waveguide

            18. Determining "S" Parameters of Windows and Transformers

            19. A Lumped Element Model of the Two Cavity Output Network

            20. Determining "S" Parameters by the Three Short Method

            21. Application of Three Short Method to Matching

                Transformer Design

            22. A Primary Standard 2 : 1 Microwave Load

            23. Reike Methods and Synthesis of Compensating Microwave


            24. Gas Bursts and Getters; The Dairy Barn Effect in Large

                High Power Klystrons

            25. A Properties of Materials Database in Consistent Units

                For Vacuum Tube Engineers and others.



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