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Formed in February 1990 by Squadron Leader M.S. Dean, M.B.E., when he realised that the subject of radar had been almost totally ignored by the major military and aviation museums, the Historical Radar Archive is not a membership organisation and therefore does not produce a newsletter. The Archive consists of a few researchers who are studying all aspects of radar history, whether technical or social, and ensuring that this is accurately recorded. This research is funded from personal incomes, which have to cover the considerable costs of correspondence, copying of documents and photos, conducting interviews and dealing with enquiries. Consequently, any donations to the running costs of the Historical Radar Archive are always gratefully received as they greatly assist with the work of ensuring the preservation of vital documents, photographs, memories and equipment which tell the story of the development and use of radar.


Our Aims: Preserve radar history


Enhance museum facilities


Co-ordinate: research

hardware preservation


Promote interest via: exhibitions



The holdings of the Historical Radar Archive consist of tens of thousands of photographs, many hours of film footage, copies of hundreds of official files, recorded interviews and correspondence with thousands of radar veterans of many different nationalities, as well as a library of almost every book ever published on the subject of radar history.


The Historical Radar Archive is always grateful to receive any relevant material. Any official records, photographs (views of stations, mobile units, equipment, personnel, or anything else concerning the history of radar and the people involved), unit records, documentation (such as passes, unit Christmas menus, etc.), personal accounts, etc., are always welcome. Whether it is a donation to the Archive, or on loan to be copied, any new information is always deeply appreciated. If you served on radar, or have information about the history of radar, please contact the Historical Radar Archive at the address above and help preserve this vitally important part of our history.


The Historical Radar Archive has made contributions to a number of publications and periodicals including 20th Century Defences in Britain, 75 Eventful Years, Transmission Lines and Defence Lines. A series of publications giving detailed histories of all the wartime radar stations in the United Kingdom is currently in production. Further details are available on request.


Exhibitions have been mounted at a number of events including Staxton Wold Open Day, Finningley Airshow, 50th Anniversary of the Magnetron at the University of Birmingham, and all of the World War Two Air Forces Radar Reunions.


The Historical Radar Archive has lectured at events run by organisations including the British Aviation Preservation Council, the Council for British Archaeology, the Fortress Study Group, the Royal Commission on the Historical Monuments of England, Essex County Council and Northumberland County Council.


Assistance has been given with the research and production of several radio and television broadcasts, including Local Heroes, Horizon and Science at War on television and The History File on radio.


Requests for information have been received from all over Britain, from the Shetland Islands to Landís End, as well as many other countries including the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Italy. The Historical Radar Archive is pleased to be able to deal with such enquiries, where possible, although it should be appreciated that they often require extensive time and research to answer fully, a process which can incur considerable expense. If a reply is desired, a stamped addressed envelope should always be enclosed.


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