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FCC opens door for AzCMF and Radio Phoenix to proceed with construction permit, dismisses all objections to AzCMF application filing.

Almost 1,500 days after AzCMF filed its application for a construction application for a new full power FM station, on October 18, the FCC ruled in favor of AzCMF and Radio Phoenix on every point of objection that was raised by American Educational Broadcasting (AEB).  Essentially, AEB was complaining the the FCC dismissed its application and let ours proceed.  Peter Doyle, chief of the Media Bureau, sent a letter to AEB in which he found that it  had failed to follow FCC procedures, had failed to properly appeal the dismissal of the AEB application which had been filed on top of our application, and finally, noted that even if AEB had done everything in a correct fashion, that it still would have been out because after two attempts, it could not correct its faulty engineering.


AEB is an affiliate of Educational Media Foundation, the largest religious broadcaster in the United States.  EMF has an annual income of $88 million a year.  The legal staff at AzCMF took on this Goliath and beat it back.  The ruling from the FCC opens the door to the issuance of a construction permit by the FCC, which will allow us to begin fundraising and planning for a full power FM station.


AEB and EMF still have many appeals they can file to continue to block AzCMF from going on the air.  However, the issuance of this letter dismissing their claims is a major step forward in bringing real community radio to Greater Phoenix. MORE 






CBS Radio in Phoenix donated a few surplus Audio Mixing Consoles to a Public Internet Radio Station called “Radio Phoenix”. 


Radio Phoenix is planning to have a Class-C FM Broadcasting station in the future.  They have arranged an open RF frequency to use, and is working with the FCC. 


Below are photos taken during the acquisition and moving of the consoles on a sunny weekend morning in October…

article contributed by:

Joe Pietrzyk


        Phoenix, Arizona








Eric, CBS Chief Engineer, taking capital equipment inventory and giving the consoles a good “send off”.




Here are the old surplus consoles. 



Power Supplies & Manuals too …



Chief Engineer Eric Schecter monitors his CBS AM Stations with a vintage tube HF radio receiver. 

The Audio from this receiver sounds very clear and has a natural “presence” that newer solid-state receivers lack.








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