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Instruction Manual and a Frequency Comb Programming Directory for the vintage Regency model ACT-W10 "Whamo" scanning radio receiver.

The manual measures approx. 5 X 8 " and consists of 20 pages. The directory measures approx. 8 x 11"


We have had several requests for these manuals or copies of them. We are unclear at this point as to if we have the manuals themselves or someone provided these pictures  just for this section.

OK! In the event we do have the manuals... 

We do not sell  the artifacts that are part of the core collection.


Parting  with original artifacts makes as much sense as walking into the Cairo Museum and asking to sell King Tut's Sarcophagus!  (For those of you that  are not up on  ancient Egypt lore.... a Sarcophagus is  his coffin!) You could commission them to make you a copy of it but the original must stay there for all to enjoy

Since there has been more  than one request for these someone can help  fund a scanning project on them and the information will be placed here online for all to use.


Also in the time passing... if  someone finds a manual of this or scans already online let us know so we can  either host a copy of it here or provide links to it.

- many thanks Ed Sharpe archivist for SMECC



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