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Q. Would you describe the check reading system used in ERMA which' should obsolete cards?

A. Coding of machine language is printed on the back of the check. This coding is similar to the coding on magnetic tapes and can be read by the machine when the check is passed under a reading head. We do not claim this technique will obsolete cards. We say in many. applications it should be more flexible because the document size is not rigidly fixed nor is a certain thickness required. .

Q. Does the ERMA system handle only Bank of America checks?

A. Yes, because they are the only ones that have this kind of machine-sensitive language. It is hoped that this language will be adopted by the American Banking Association as standard for the industry.

Q. Is the ERMA system adaptable and available to ether banks? 

A. Yes, our contract permits us to sell to any other bank.

Q. Have any questions ·arisen as to the legality of electronically stored information?

A. Not to my knowledge. Mr. Pontius stated that social security records are now transferable on magnetic tape. This is a real step forward .'"

Q. What progress has been made to date in meeting the problem of developing common language for Integrated Data Processing?

A. Nearly everyone is working on this real stickler. Much will have to be done industry wide to make the language fit computers, transmission lines, input devices and output printers.



Q. When you speak of "Building Blocks" does this include the possibility of modular magnetic core storage units which way be combined to give any size storage capacity needed?

A. It could. However, at present there are some technical and cost factors that need to be taken into consideration.

Q. Does it appear feasible that Service Engineers will design a system in the field?

A. This is entirely within the scope or our thinking, but before a system is designed much work must be done by the customer's systems and procedures people. It should be certainly practical for a service engineer to mate changes as required by the customer .

Q. What are the plans for product planning for the section?

A. From the current study of GE department requirements and the requirements outlined here today, we are confident the product planners will have plenty to do.

Q. Are you open for business from GE departments? If so, what are delivery schedules on the Productron and larger computers?

A. We are open for business. The Productron Is available for delivery in October. Our larger computers will be available beginning in 1958.




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