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The photograph below shows Bill at the White Sands Missile Range installation. Pictured with Bill are Mr. Robert P. Lee, mathematician, and Mr. Kathryn Kollars, secretary.

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                                                                                ET HQ
                                                                                Apri16, 1959

To: ET District Managers
      ET Managers
      ET Salesmen


Subject: Tandem Typewriter -- New Sales Opportunity


"Two heads are better than one!"


Mr. W. H. Heath of the El Paso office translated that truism into
a typewriter with two keyboards, accomplishing a more profitab1e customer operation, and walking off with a Texas-sized order.

Last year Bill studied the work being done by the Air Force Missile
Development Center, Holloman, New Mexico. This customer prepares a large volume of technical and scientific reports. Bill noted that due to the large quantity of special symbols, work was slowed and hand drafting was required in many cases. His suggestion to speed the typing of the technical reports was to mount two typewriter bases on one 30-inch carriage. A pilot model was ordered with 176 symbols available on the two basic keyboard arrangements plus 24 changeable positions.

Enthusiasm for this typewriter was further developed by extensive demonstration of the pilot machine to scientists, mathematicians, and typists. The customer was completely sold on the value of this typewriter for scientific writing. THE RESULT, AN ADDITIONAL ORDER FOR 15 UNITS WORTH 30 COMMISSION CREDITS!

Here are Bill's selling points on the Scientific Tandem.


A. Documents typed in their entirety without removing from the typewriter.


B. Speed, faster insertion of special symbols.


C. Elimination of proof reading which was required when symbols were hand drafted.

D. Special symbols of variable line size can be constructed by using extension symbols.


E. Increased accuracy and efficiency because the typist can maintain an even flow of work without interruption.


This unique application will be of interest to aircraft companies, missile centers, universities, atomic energy installations, applied science centers, and many other locations preparing technical and scientific material.

Machine Specifications for Model C Tandem Typewriter

The unit consists of two Model C Standard ET's with a common 3011 carriage. The left or primary keyboard controls all operating functions of the carriage such as carriage return, tab, etc., and can use the full writing line of the 30" carriage. Extension of the rails to the right makes it possible for the supplementary keyboard to utilize the right hand 12 inches of writing line, in common with the primary keyboard. In addition, the space bar and escapement action is controlled from the supplementary keyboard. The work may be typed either in columnar form, with the text interspersed with mathematical formulae or, in cases where reduction will be used, it is possible to take advantage of the long carriage and type the formulae beside the text.

RPQ Price:   $l290.00




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