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Welcome                           DR. W. R. G. BAKER

It is the plan of the Industrial Computer Section at this symposium to learn from the various functions of the Company how their needs can be served better.

? What are the major problems in the operating departments in handling, updating and evaluating the volume of business information and data into the records and into statistical compilations.

? What are the calculations required for engineering solutions of research and design, for recording the design in machine language in place of conventional drawings.

? What is the information required by manufacturing to determine the requirements and control the raw, in process and finished stock, to control the number of people required.

? What are the problems in connection with market research. market and sales forecasting to provide level production rates and optimum product mix.

? Are models simulating a business practical for management to use in the day to day operation of a business.

From your needs it is anticipated that better design work can be done to supply the answers to your problems faster and more economically than at present. We will try to show you how we plan to do this.

( we assume that 'Welcome' and the listing in the contents 'Purpose of Symposium'  may be the same document -Editor)


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