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The one  is the Angenieux Evershed.
Television Zoomar Lenses
Television Zoomar Lenses greatly facilitate programming by eliminat­ing many problems of camera loca­tion and by reducing the number of cameras required to cover an event. Two Zoomar lenses are available to fit all RCA Image Orthicon Cameras for studio or field operation.
The Angenieux Evershed has a basic range of 35 to 350mm at a speed of f/3.8 and a transmission of T /4.5. It will zoom through its en­tire range at any object distance from 3 feet to infinity. The resolu­tion and frequency response of the lens makes it the equal or superior of most fixed focus lenses.
The Angenieux Zoomar is a small, lightweight lens that zooms from 1.6 to 16 inches at a speed of f/5.O. Its range of object distance is from 5 feet to infinity. The lens fits all 1.0. cameras, color or mono­chrome, and normally requires no lens support. A preset focus control on the pan handle and a new fly­wheel zoom control provide easy operation. An interchangeable adap­tor or new turret plate are required if this lens is to be mounted on RCA Type TK·IO, 11, 30, 31 or 14 Cameras.
Both Zoomar lenses are designed for use with 4 1/2-inch Image Orthi­con cameras. An accessory inter·changeable adaptor is available to permit use of the lenses with 3-inch Image Orthicon TV cameras. All zoomars are color balanced and color corrected. The lenses are moderate in size and weight and are designed to mount directly on the camera lens turret. Zoom and focus control are provided by means of a rod which passes along or through the camera to the rear. Zoom adjustment is per­formed by moving the rod in or out, and focus is adjusted by rotating the same control rod. Both lenses have a geared iris ring for operation by the iris drive mechanism of an RCA TK­60 Camera. A series of converters for range extension are available for use with either type zoom lens to allow increased versatility.

Angenieux Zoomar Ordering Information

Angenieux Evershed Lens Order as Model 10X35B and specify RCA Camera

Angenieux Zoomar Lens Order as Model lOX40C and specify RCA Camera


___________________ Angenieux Evershed 
_____ Angenieux Zoomar 
  Model10X358   Model10X40C
Zoom Range and Speed:      
Basic Lens 35 to 350mm, f/3.8   1.6 to 16", f/5.0
*With Converter#1 2.45 to 22.5", f /5.6   3 to 30", f/9.4
*With Converter #2 3.6 to 26", f/8.0    
*With Converter #3 5.7 to 57", f/11.0     
Object Distance:      
Basic Lens 3 ft. to infinity   5 ft. to infinity
Lens with All Converters 3 ft. to infinity   5 ft. to infinity 
  Angenieux Evershed    Angenieux Zoomar
  Model 10X358   Model10X40C
Mounting Provision,
basic lens
Quick Change Mount for 4 1/2" I.O. Cameras   Quick Change Mount for 4 1/2" I.O. Cameras
Method of Mounting
to 3" 1.0. Cameras
*Interchangeable Adaptor   * Interchangeable Adaptor
Length (basic lens, 
less converters)
17" (43.18 cm)   11" (29.94 cm)
(basic lens only) 25 Lbs. (11.25 kg)   11.5 Lbs. (5.2 kg)

* Not supplied with lens but available as accessories.



Angenieux-Zoom Type 10x35 TV 88 mount for  TK-60, Marconi or other.










The Mark X B 1 10-1 zoom includes a remote control  unit
it can be used with any camera using a ‘C’ mount but was 
design to use with TV studio cameras or CCTV  camera.  
The remote unit can be as far away as 30 ft.

7.375” Length  X  3.25 Diameter

<--  Control Unit is 3.75” H X 4” W X 4.25” D
This unit is powered by  4-‘D’ cells




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