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A Radio Widow -By Ruth Deamer

Published in RADIO Magazine December 1924


My husband has a radio set,

Heís had it just a year,

But if it stays another week-

Iím going away from here.


Iím tired of taking second place,

And donít see why I should;

Iím going back to Mothersís

For I know shelíll treat me good.


We used to have just lots of fun

Before he got this pest,

And now that heís an amateur

Heís nutty like the rest.


A ďhamĒ drops in most every night,

Perhaps 6XYZ,

Or some such silly person-

Who has no use for me.


They turn the knobs, and twist the dials,

Change the wires too,

And wonder why Ė with single tubes,

They canít hear Kalamazoo .


Some one comes on with music,

But as they start to play

We skip from ďRed Hot MammaĒ

To ďThe End of a Perfect Day.Ē


A sermon or a recipe,

It doesnít matter which,

Theyíre cut in two completely

When the boys decide to switch.


They talk about grid-leaks,

The rheostats, and such,

And if I change the subject

Iím sure ďto get in Dutch.Ē


Thus we spend our evenings-

Or nearly every one,

So I canít see just where and how

Iím having any fun.


Since we donít go to dances

Iím getting stiff- and say;

If this keeps up I know for sure

Iíll soon be turning gray.


And so this world and then the next,

But I hope where Ďere I go

The place wonít be all cluttered up

With some old radio.


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