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Community, Activist and Early Art Video

    Once upon a time... 

People arose wielding half inch video cameras 
with pack recorders strapped to their sides... 

They sought to document unpublished truths...

They created art...

They wanted us to open our eyes...

Into the 'Wayback Machine' to the late 60s and 70's to hear their story. Here you will find an interesting collection of  first time seen information and some links to great sites.. enjoy! 


Videotape Recorders and Cameras



wpe4E.gif (267514 bytes) These large and complex combination telegraph units are sometimes called "Moss Tables". This example has a 12 x 18 inch footprint and stands over 10" tall. The most important element on this table is the recording unit. This one has the original key and the clockwork mechanism is working fine. Most of the time these are over-wound… NOT this one. Note the nice oversize coils. Also included are two early voltmeters, a large telegraph key and a half dozen other parts. The draw has a brass pull but I can't manage to open the thing.
ITEM DESCRIPTION: Heavy solid metal microphone sign. Includes 2 stem flags and topper. Circa 1940s or 50s. Also includes original artwork by the company that made it for CBS. The person we bought it from had obtained it from the Colonial brass Company (Middleboro MA) that made it. This company was in business from 1847-2003 producing Brass, Plastic and other metal plates signs, ornaments and more.  

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