WW2 Communications
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Radio Communications Equipment used in WW2

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AN/ART-13 Transmitter


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AN/ARC-5 System

AN/CRT-3 'Gibson Girl' Life Boat Radio


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Hi folks!

I'm not even sure what you do or what this photo is - but my dad was in
Company A of the 3184th Signal Service battalion, and several years
after he died we found the attached photo - the contrast has been
enhanced a bit to help legibility.  He always bragged that he was a
communications expert in the way (his discharge papers say "installer
repairman") and you can see the huge cables coming out of the hole in
the photo - so when I came across your website, while researching his
involvements  during the war, I thought you might find the photo useful.

He also said that the only time he experienced "combat" was when he
needed a bit of wiring and tried to steal the doorbell from some
civilian's home - the owner chased him away with shots overhead.

Hope the photo is of some use - thanks for your website.

Rosemary McGinn

(Ed Sharpe  Archivist for SMECC says " OK! Can any one out there add to the story for  Rosemary?? Her father is standing closest to the camera who are the other 2 fellows?)


EH Scott Radio Laboratories effort during  WWII produced this extremely well shielded receiver called an SLR-F It had low freq, skipped BC band then went to 18 megs.

Murray M. DiFrancescantonio
aka Murray DiFrank 
3/12/1916 - 9/7/2004

Signal Service Corps  CO B 3184th.

This Picture taken during 
World War II was in 
Army Communications
Antwerp, Belgium

Murray is in the foreground, the other two people are unknown... do you know who they are?
Tell us more!

Contributed by Margaret DiFrank 

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Army  World War II recruiting poster showing BC-611
If you would like to order a  13" by 19" poster of this go to:


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Signal Corps BC-636 VHF AM receiver referished by the US Navy....  

AM-854/U  what did  this  go with?   We are looking  for an AM-447



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