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History Of Military Communications in Brazil
                                 By:  Adler Homero Fonseca de Castro

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An assortment of items  from SMECC collection of military communications.


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Signed Photo of General Frank Stoner

In this photo he is a brigadier general


From United States Army in World War II, The Signal Corps: The Outcome, Thompson and Harris, Office of Chief of Military History Untied States Army, 1966, pp. 5, 345, 346...

"Gen Stoner headed the Signal Operating Services during WWII. The responsibilities included the Army Command and Administrative Network (ACAN), signal security, training, and organization.

He was considered a communication systems specialist and continually emphasized communications security: "...protect our communications by every means at our command. We of the Signal Corps are charged with the security of communications, but we need the full cooperation of everyone who comes in contact with those communications, either directly or indirectly...Aside from the fact that one slip, one bit of carelessness, may endanger an entire operation, the compromise of a system invariably means the loss of hundreds, even thousands of manhours that went in the development of that system..."



This exciter was used in a Titan Missile Silo
for tactical communications.

comments provided to us:

(Just visited your site .. If you are interested in the exciter ..

It was originally developed in 1961 by the U.S. Navy for the Radio
Sets AN/WRC-1, Transmitters AN/URT-23( )  and AN/URT-24 .. it is the
exciter T-827( ) /URC unit of these equipment's. USAF purchased units
and renomenclatured them and in some silos they were painted black for
some reason. Developed and originally produced by General Dynamics,
Rochester NY.
The AN/URT-23( ) is still in use today!!!!

Fred Chapman W4CHT
Original NAVELEX Project Engineer for the above equipments)

as you can see.... I found one in the Titan Missile Museum  south of Tucson

We have the exciter... all we need is the rest!   ---  ed sharpe

EH Scott Radio Laboratories effort during  WWII
produced this extremely well shielded receiver
called an SLR-F It had low freq, skipped BC band
 then went to 18 megs.

"Adversary Agent Radio" by James J. Fauth, V10:1-57-67 (Winter 1966) PDF
   Description of radio equipment used by agents from Communist countries in late 1950s and early 1960s;  from

Looking for   AFCS goodies  for our AFCS  case here.

Found this  mug.... who is Robert S. Colton?
 He went to  AFCS NCO Leadership Academy class of 73

robert_s_colton_afcs_nco.jpg (63189 bytes)







Apollo spacecraft NASA  wrap up history  report on the navcom development and FAILURES!





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