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The Vinten Fulmar pedestal received the first annual award from the Guild of Television Cameramen in 1974. The Fulmar was another leap forward in pedestal design by eliminating oil as a balancing fluid and relying solely on nitrogen (and sophisticated mechanics) to produce a smooth, low effort, silent pedestal.


Vinten says.... "Our sincere thanks go out to the Guild of Television Cameramen and the many users of Vinten products. We thank the Guild and its members for the help and support they have provided us in the past and look forward to a long and beneficial relationship in the future. Vinten add these two new awards to three previous Seals of Approval, awarded to the Fulmar, Osprey and Quattro pedestals, all of which are proudly displayed on the product and in the company reception area."


In 2003 Vinten news letter the following appeared..



Televisa's Newscenter studios, Chapultepec have selected Vinten to supply a number of camera support systems for their studio. The new order includes 9 Quartz two pedestals complete with Vector 70 pan and tilt heads.
This purchase compliments the array of Vinten products that Televisa have bought over a number of years and utilize in both their Telenovelas and News Facilities. Existing products include Vector 70 pan and tilt heads, Quattros, Osprey Elites, Quartz One and Two pedestals, with the News crews using the Vision 100 and Vision 250 systems out on location.
This recent order includes 9 Quartz two pedestals with Vector 70 pan and tilt heads.

"The selection process of this equipment was done very carefully, we involved the Engineering Dept and the Camera Crew, at the end of the day they are the ones that will be working with the equipment on a daily basis." explains Juan Carlos Salazar Benitez, Eng. - Technical Operations Co-ordinator.

"In the Televisa Chapultepec facilities, we tested many brands of pedestals and we came to the conclusion that the Vinten pedestals Quartz II with the Pan/Tilt head Vector 70 incorporate all the design characteristics that we need to install the cameras with Teleprompters in the new studios. The Quartz II and Vector 70 systems will be utilized with High Definition cameras and Teleprompters in the new facilities, which are presently under construction in Televisa Chapultepec. The systems will be used exclusively for "On-Air" production of all the News Casting in Televisa."

When discussing Televisa's long standing relationship with Vinten Juan added:" For more than 20 years Televisa has been utilizing 15 Fulmar Pedestals which have surpassed four generations of cameras and we will continue to utilize these pedestals indefinitely. With the proper maintenance, the pedestals continue working without any problems. We also use several other pedestals like Ospreys and Pro-Peds in our facilities. On the lightweight area and for the portable cameras we have depended on more than 40 Vinten tripod systems of the Vision line of products."

The new equipment does not replace any other systems and will be integrated to the new technical facilities of Televisa.

Want to learn how to steer one?  Watch -


Read GTC ZERB Magazine article - "Bill Vinten Remembers"

Read GTC ZERB Magazine article -
"A Bird in the Hand - Celebrating a century of excellence from Vinten"

A Bird in

Manuals for heads and the FULMAR Pedestal -

MK-3 Head (Manual needed... do you have one?)

MK-5 Head 

MK-7 Head 



Do not attempt to work on or invert this by yourself, have several strong friends with you.








ITE  P2 Pedestal and H6 Head






Ed Sharpe riding  an LDK-20                 Folded up for storage




Do not attempt to work on this by yourself, have several strong friends with you.













Other  ITE P2 Pedestals spotted but not ours...  note the variations.



Odd P2 Variant.. note the drop angle ring... was this  for children to use?  Base shroud is totally different than ours, or this is what the casting looks like under the shroud and at this point of manufacture they were not adding the fiberglass shroud that ours has.




Another  odd variant. It has the same Shround as ours, however look at the small steering ring on this one... This also has an H100 head on it.  Most H100' Have red cam.





ITE T? H6 and D7

Note 6" wheels! and red  tread!




ITE P3 Manual crank up Pedestal 

wpe14.jpg (18572 bytes)   wpe15.jpg (17340 bytes)  


ITE  t-10 H2 and D7



 small casters.....


TV-ite__tri21.jpg (14830 bytes) TV_tri31.jpg (14717 bytes)




 TV_tri30.jpg (17817 bytes)


TV-ite__tri22.jpg (17814 bytes) TV_tri23.jpg (18395 bytes)


TV_tri24.jpg (17270 bytes) TV_tri25.jpg (9531 bytes)

wpe3F.jpg (22204 bytes)



This is the complete list of what I have....model....then load.....where different loads are shown, BLACK is from 1973, GREEN from 1977 and RED from a later Midwest catalog, probably mid to late 80's. Regular type agrees across all dates or is the only reference I have. These are values quoted  form old sales information and we do not take responsibility for the values listed. As with any  large machinery use common sense, ask for help to move and work on it. ( Thanks to  Don Norwoord  for this info)

We are looking  for more photos, catalogs, history articles and  reminisces - Email us at 

H1 30
H2 130/120
H3 220/250
H4 40
H5 50
H6 60/130
H8 250 (Microwave)
H9 30
H12A 20
H14A 30
H15A 40
H17 15
H30 10
H40 30
H50 30
H60 30
H70 65
H90 150
MT1 200/250
TH2 25
T5 40
T6 40/50
T10 130/140
T12 50
T17 25
T20A 8
T30 15
T40 40
T45 28
T50 40
T60 55
T70 85
T553 45
D3 130
D5 60
D6 40
D7 200/250/325
D8 35
D20A 15
D30 20
D40 50
D50 55
D670 100
P3 60
P2 290
P3 60
P4 130/140
P5 220/265
P6 120
P7 75



Canon MC-300 Television Camera Pedestal

This Canon MC-300 Pedestal was used by Eastman Kodak in one of their facilities. Does anyone have any  catalog information on Canon tripods and pedestals? Please drop us a line  so we can complete data on this. We do not own this but should one show up it would be welcomed into the collection! Email us at 


wpe5.jpg (67423 bytes)
wpe7.jpg (84479 bytes) wpe9.jpg (47900 bytes)
Photos provided to us by Dave Boscoe, Online Sales Manager at Sunnking Inc. - Thanks Dave!  




1975 LISTEC ad from BM/E From the Sharpe collection at  SMECC - - well there are  some  Vinten favorites here  plus  a few of the Television Products (TVP)  Pedestals... We need  more   documentation  on TVP Pedestals .
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