Capt. Lyman M. Edwards, USNR Ret.
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Photographs and Cards of the late

Capt. Lyman M. Edwards USNR Ret.

Amateur Radio Operator  



1929 Card 1.jpg (41311 bytes)

1929 Card 1 – QSL card with equipment description


1929 Photo 1.jpg (51256 bytes)

1929 Photo 1 – Radio


1933 Photo 1.jpg (30940 bytes)

Early Collins radio

1933 Photo 2.jpg (26515 bytes)

1933 Photo 2 – Mr. Edwards with radio


1933 Photo 3.jpg (48122 bytes)

1933 Photo 3 – Mr. Edwards with later Collins radio personally installed by Art Collins


1933 Photo 4.jpg (46002 bytes)

1933 Photo 4 – Collins radio


1950 Card 1.jpg (28550 bytes)

1950 Card 1 – QSL card

wpe34.gif (120969 bytes)

1950 Photo 1 – Mr. Edwards with later Collins receiver and original Collins transmitter

1950 Photo 2.jpg (31521 bytes)

1950 Photo 2 – Collins radio


1960 Card 1.jpg (32360 bytes)

1960 Card 1 – QSL card


1960 Card 2.jpg (18397 bytes)

1960 Card 2 – Back of QSL card with equipment description


1960 Photo 1.jpg (28336 bytes)

1960 Photo 1 – Mr. Edwards with Collins “S” radio



Navy Card 1.jpg (31688 bytes)

Navy Card 1 – QSL card from Navy Reserve Communications Unit



Navy Photo 1.jpg (90549 bytes)

Navy Photo 1 – CDR Edwards with Radar equipment


A Surprise From Clara Alexandria from São Paulo, Brazil!


Dear Sirs,

My name is Clara Alexandria from São Paulo, Brazil. My late father ,
Areolino Lopes de Alexandria - PY2BFH, was a keen amateur radio operator
who talked to people from all over the world. Among his things I found a
vintage QSL from Cap. Lyman M. Edwards dated 1960 and decided to send it
along. I hope it will be a nice addition to the collection of Mr. Edwards's 
amateur radio memorabilia.

Best regards,

Clara Alexandria

wpe23.jpg (51580 bytes)     wpe2A.jpg (66655 bytes)

Thank You Clara!  - Ed Sharpe Archivist for SMECC



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