Capt. Oscar Berne H. Stuart Jr. AFRTS
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Date Aircraft Type Serial Number Sqdn Group Home Base AF Action D Pilot Country US State Location


431016 P-40N 43-5478 445FS 50FG Orlando AAF, Orlando, FL   TAC 3 Stuart, Oscar B USA FL Orlando AAF, Orlando, FL
TAC Taxiing ACcident

Oscar B Jr Stuart

First Name: Oscar
Middle Name: B Jr
Last Name: Stuart
War: World War II
Enlistment Date: Apr 3, 1942
Enlistment Place: Morrison Field West Palm Beach FloridaMap
Birth Date: 1917
Marital Status: Single, Without Dependents
Serial Number: 14106901
Location: Bee, FloridaMap
Record Type: Military Records
Occupation: Actors And Actresses
Component: Selectees (Enlisted Men)
Race: White, Citizen
Collection: World War II Army Enlistment Records
Source Information
Source: National Archives
Years: 1938 to 1946
Description: This collection of World War II army enlistment records was provided by the National Archives. It contains data from 1938 to 1946. The file was created from June to August 2002.
Address: 8601 Adelphi Road, College Park, MD 20740-6001

Newpaper: Panama City News
Publication Date: Jan 1, 1953
Newspaper Location: Panama City, Florida, United States Of America
Of Interest... TO WOMEN


VISITORS FROM CALIFORNIA . . . during aoi.uays licrc were Capt. and Mrs. O. B. Stuart Jr., and their children, Laurie and Bernie. Mrs. Stuart's parents are Mr. and Mrs. Jefferson Davis of 1118 Fairy Ave. Capt. Stuart is stationed in Los Angeles where he is with the Public Relations Division, handling the national publicity via radio, TV and the motion picture industry for the United States Army and United States Air Force Recruiting Service (Staff Photo by Fred Barry)



Panama City News
Saturday, July 31, 1954,
Panama City, Florida

Columbia, S. C. THE HAPPY TRIO pictured above are Mr. and Mrs. Jefferson Davis of 1118 Fairy Are., and their grandson, Bernie Stuart III, son of Capt. and Mrs. Oscar B. Stuart of Albuquerque, N. Mex. Bernie's daddy is a United States Air Force pilot and is in Korea where he is attached to special services in charge of broadcasting in the area he is stationed. Mrs. Stuart is the former Miss Laura E. Davis of this city. Bernie flew here by himself to spend summer with his grandparents.









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