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The Start of Armed Forces Radio Service 
By Ivan (Jack) Saddler

Star Spangled Radio
By Jack Saddler

Early VOA Station KSAI Saipan
By Jack Saddler  

ISLAND PROGRAMS  Notes on the Army-Operated Network in the Pacific BattleZones 

Happy Birthday Bob Hope!
By Ivan (Jack) Saddler

Armed Forces Radio After World War II
By Edward A. Sharpe Archivist SMECC 


A Broadcast  Engineer in Korea

What it was like, bouncing around the Korean Hills 
with the Armed Forces Radio Service


Transmitter Engineer
WCOL, Columbus, Ohio
 ©Radio. TV and Recording "Technician - Engineer" : June 1957  


AFKN is the Armed Forces Radio and Television Service "Armed Forces Korea Network" ...

The Patch is a RCA type microphone and it says VAGABOND......for radio Vagabond

Visit the AFKN alumni site here: 



AFKN Memories and 
Photos by - James Click to See!




AFKN  Memories and Photos by - Bill Lambing Click for More!

Right - A2C Lambing PFC Milt Fulcher AFKN Kunsan

More recent Info about  AFKN in Korea  from the AFKN SITE


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        Photos, files and what-have- you!




AFVN Smoky the water buffalo fire prevention mascot!

Vietnam in the 70s they had Smoky the water buffalo fire prevention mascot PSA here is the attached  mp3  soundtrack....  Well... when in country  use the indigenous  species as mascots... alas... there are   no  bears in Viet Nam!!


Ed Sharpe archivist for SMECC


Good Morning, Vietnam!: Adrian Cronauer on Accuracy

Adrian Cronauer, who was portrayed in "Good Morning, Vietnam!", discusses the movie's accuracy at the American Veterans Center's 2008 conference.



Armed Forces Network AFN Decal
Armed Forces Radio and Television Service Decal
AFVN TV Vietnam Decal
AFN TV Europe Decal
American Forces Network Decal
American Forces Korea Network Tab Decal
American Forces Thailand Network Decal
AFKN 5th Air Force Combo Decal
AFKN TV Korea - 1 Decal
AFKN TV Korea - 2 Decal
AFKN TV Korea - 3 Decal
AFKN 8th Army Combo Decal




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