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Schematic! Just click to get the large one, right click  then save as... then click and print  from explorer... matches up well and shows all parts  just tape together and  then trim top and bottom! 

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Yes The Parts List!

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Total Parts For Your 
Model 800 TV Camera


1 AT1  hex alignment tool

1 BR49yoke clamp bracket

1 CA2325' coax cable (CA13)

2 CB19cabinet panels

1 CH59 chassis

1 CL37  yoke clamp

1 CL38  vidicon clamp

3 CN6  .001 mfd, silver mica

8 CN1  2.1 mfd, 400 V

4 CN34  .001 mid disc ceramic

1CN40270 pf tubular ceramic

1CN77200/200 mid, 150 V electrolytic

1CN81100 pf tubular ceramic

7CN86.01 mid, 1kv disc ceramic

1CN8840l20120l2o mfd 150 V electrolytic

2CN1115mfd, 10 V electrolytic

2CN112100 mfd, 10 V electrolytic

1CN12710 pf tubular ceramic

2CN134.47 mid, 200 V

1CN1454.5-25 pf NPO ceramic trimmer

5CN14950 mid, 200 V electrolytic

2C036peaking coils (red dot)

2C053peaking coils (blue dot)

1C080TV i-f coil

1C0105focus coil

1C0106deflection coil

4CR4germanium diodes

1CR9silicon diode (IN625)

1EC12printed circuit board

1FU81 ampere slow-blow fuse

2GR13/8" rubber grommets

1HA14carrying handle

2HA30metal capacitor mounting wafers

4HA31potentiometer ground lugs

4HA32plastic feet

1HA56tripod socket

1HA57lens mount

1HA58top strip

1HA59top spacer strip

1HA60handle spacer

1HA61socket spacer

1HA62bottom spacer strip

1HA63bottom strip

1HA6410' solder (HA8)

1IN21fuse holder

1IN2514" spaghetti (IN11)

4KN7round black knobs

1LEI25 mm f 1.9 "C" mount lens

1LP8pilot lamp and clip

4LU5solder lugs

12NUl6-32 hex nuts

19NU38-32 hex nuts

14NU54-40 hex nuts

4NU128-32 cap nuts

1PA26front panel

1PAZ 7rear panel

1PC6power cord

1PL6coaxial cable plug with adapter


washer and nut

3P045500-Kpotentiometer with lock

washer and nut

5P07450-K pc potentiometer


1P075500-K pc potentiometer

1RE951-k 112-watt resistor, 5%

1RE28470-ohm 112-watt resistor

3RE294.7-k 112-watt resistor

5RE301-k 112-watt resistor

4RE3110-k 112-watt resistor

2RE3322-k 112-watt resistor

4RE3547-k 112-watt resistor

4RE36100-k 112-watt resistor

1RE38470-k 112-watt resistor

4RE391 megohm 112-watt resistor

2RE453.3-k 112-watt resistor

2RE4668- ohm 112-watt resistor

2RE482. 7-k 112-watt resistor

2RE495.6-k 112-watt resistor

1RE53560-k 112-watt resistor

1RE65120-k 112-watt resistor

1RE712.7 megohm 112-watt resistor

1RE78120-ohm 112-watt resistor

2RE931.8 megohm 112-watt resistor

1RE1101.8-k 112-watt resistor

2RE1111.2-k 1/2-watt resistor

2RE113270-ohm 112-watt resistor

1RE1461.2 megohm 112-watt resistor

1RS71-k I-watt resistor

1RS28470-ohm I-watt resistor

1RS502.2-k 2-watt resistor

1RS684.7-ohm fusible resistor

1RS73200-ohm 2-watt resistor

10SC11/4" x 6-32 screws

9SC43/8" x 8-32 screws

12SC61/4" x 4-40 screws

4SC133/8" x 6-32 screws

4SC231" x 8-32 screws

2SC393/8" x 4-40 screws

4SC431/4" x 8-32 screws

4SC58No.6 st screws

2SC661/2" x 10-24 screws

2SC 737/8" x 8-32 flat head screws

2S0299 pin pc sockets

1S037chassis coax connector

3S0479-pin shield base pc sockets

1S073vidicon socket

2SR8dual silicon rectifiers

1ST52-lug terminal strip

3ST298-lug terminal strip

1SW30spst slide switch

1TR58power transformer

3TU796U8A tube

2TU826FD7 tube

1TU897038 vidicon tube

4WA143/8" flat washers

25WA15No.6 lockwashers

19WA16No.8 lockwashers

1WR2113'black andwhitetwisted wire

(211) 1WR2474' red wire (101)

1WR2487' blue wire (113)

1WR2494' yellow wire (129)

1WR25010" flexible black wire (214)

1WR2516" flexible red wire (215)

1WR2525" flexible blue wire (213)

1WR25314" flexible white wire (216)


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Final Assembly


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