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J. R. Pierce
March 27, 1910 - April 2, 2002

In Memoriam...

John R. Pierce 1910-2002

We regret the passing of  John R. Pierce, One of the Bell Labs alumni who's efforts and developments touched the outcome of all of our lives. 

John had been active in the Museum's early efforts to document communications history. He will be missed by all of us.

John Pierce died in California on April 2 2002, at age 92.

A memorial service was held at  2 to 3 p.m. Friday, May 3 2002, at Memorial Church at Stanford. A reception and concert followed at CCRMA on the Stanford Campus..

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When I was at Bell Labs, I worked on the "operating system" for
the DDP-516 computers attached to the very first Pierce Loop
computer network. This used J. R. Pierce's slotted-ring computer
network. The work was done under Ciecil H. Coker and Max Matthews
in Department 1227, the Acoustics Research Department.

For the writeup on J. R. Pierce's loop network, see the Bell System
Tech Journal articles by Pierce, Kropfl and Coker:

I think I met Pierce once, when he was visiting in 1973.

Doug Jones




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