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Developed in 1969 by Mr. Kihara at Sony Corp.

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A visual of the Sony AV-3400 

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A Low-Cost, Lightweight, High Quality 1/2" EIAJ VTR System You Can Operate Singlehanded.

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One Great Portable VTR System From Sony - 
AV-3400/AVC-3450 Portable Video Recorder Unit and  Compact Video Camera


Sony AVC-3400 Vintage Portable Video Camera with Lens

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 Sony AVC-3400 Vintage Portable Video Camera with Lens.    No. 40244.  Comes with Sony TV ZOOM LENS 1:1.8 f12.5-75mm no. 125738 LENS.  12VDC

Sometimes you open a box and ... Surprise!

KAROB18 - 200-inch extension cable, factory-wired, 10-pin male screw-on connector to a threaded 10-pin female connector. It can be used to extend the distance between a Sony AVC-3400 video camera (vintage early 1970's) to the AV-3400 or -3600 or -3650 reel-to-reel tape deck.

56-inch factory-wired cable, 10-pin male screw-on to 8-pin male click-on, connecting a Sony AV series videotape recorder (the AV-3400, reel-to-reel, vintage early 1970's) to a monitor.




Notice there is also one of these cameras in this av-3400 outfit that we have. I suspect that this unit was near the end of the AV-3400 production.

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AV-3400 Threading
Click  to see how to thread it!


Sony SEG-1 Special Effects Generator.


SONY Model SEGl is a special-effects generator with facilities for switching, fading, superimposing, and wiping two video signals. Inputs accept up to four SONY video cameras and provisions are included to monitor the output of each camera. One channel may be inverted, if desired to yield a negative picture. In addition, an internal sync generator supplies 2: 1 interlace sync, or sync may be supplied from an external source.

The SEG-1 may be used with any SONY video camera, monitor, and/or Videocorder. Dramatic effects can be produced that will odd a professional appearance to video recordings.

 According to the Manual this switcher may be used with CCTV Systems, CV-Series Videocorders, EV-Series Videocorder and PV-Series Videocorders.

CCTV Applications

The Special-Effects Generator may be used as part of a surveillance system or any other closed circuit television application. When the SYNC SELECT switch 14 is set to INT on internal 2: 1 interlace sync generator will synchronize all cameras. An external 2:1 interlace EIA sync generator may be connected. if desired, to the SYNC IN receptacle 18. In this case, set the SYNC SELECT switch 14 to EXT.

VTR Applications

When the SEG-1 is used with a SONY video tape recorder. connect the equipment as previously described (see Figs. 4, 5, or 6) and follow the normal camera recording procedure as described in the Videocorder instruction manual. Note that when recording from a CV-Series* Videocorder the SYNC SELECT switch (14) must be set to EXT so that all cameras are synchronized to the recorder. EV and PV Series Videocorders may be synchronized by either the internal sync generator (SYNC SELECT switch set to INT) or on external sync generator connected to the SYNC IN receptacle (18) (SYNC SELECT switch set to EXT).

Refer to TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS for SYNC IN Receptacle pin connections.

For optimum performance when recording with a CV2100 Or CV2200 Videocorder, .. ???????, 'lie AGC-MANU switch On the right side of the cabinet '0'11. MANU position and adjust 1.~e???????????????J manually.


Technical Specifications

Camera video inputs: 1.0-1.4 V p-p, sync negative, 75 ohms impedance Input 1 must be supplied with composite video.

Number of camera inputs: 4-Hirschmann 6 Pin receptacle

Monitor video outputs: 1.01.- 1.4 V p-p, (dependent upon input), sync negative, 750 impedance

Number  of monitor outputs: 4, 50239 UHF receptacle

Number of line outputs: 2, 1-Hirschmann 6Pin receptacle 1-50239 UHF receptacle

Internal sync: 2:1 interlace when SYNC SELECT switch is set to INT.

External sync: Accepts vertical and horizontal sync from CY-Series Videocorders or vertical sync

(.4V p-p) from one external 2:1 EIA sync generator. See pin connections below.


Power requirements: 17V,6OHz 3-wire parallel ground plug

Power consumption: 7watts

Dimensions: 5 1/4'"Hx1 51/2"Wx10"D

Weight: a1/2 lb.


sony_a30.gif (36420 bytes)CMA-1 Camera Adaptor


  Amazing... new in the box...



CMA-4 Camera Adaptor

The Sony Camera Adaptor CMA-4 is designed to operate the Song Portable Video Camera AVC-3400 Series with Sony AV-Series Reel to Reel Half-Inch non-portable Videocorders or VO-Series BETACAM Videocassette Recorders.


Vintage Professional Sony Color Tuner Modulator TUM-100.

Front controls VHF output TV/VCR with bright indicator lights, Tuning meter, UHF and VHF tuning, and power on/off. Back panel has some type of multi pin connector (for VTR?), audio and video input level controls, XLR audio in and out connectors, RF in and out connector, CH-3/CH-4 selector, antenna connectors for UHF and VHF, TV UHF and VHF connectors.

Sony's second portable system was referred to by many names...

The Sony Videorover II, Sony AV-3400 Porta Pak, Portapak or the VIDEOCORDER 3400.


Video recording system:  Rotary 2-head scan system, full field, composite video signal based on American TV standards (supplied from the Video Camera AVC-3400)

Recording time:   30 minutes continuously with a V- 30H tape
Tape speed:   7 ips
Tape width:   inch
Video modulation system:   Frequency modulation
Horizontal resolution:   More than 300 lines
Video signal-to-noise ratio:   Greater than 40 dB
Video input:   1.0V (p-p), 75 ohms, unbalanced
Video output:   1.0V (p-p), 75 ohms, unbalanced
RF output:   75 ohms, 80 dB (OdB = 1microV/m)
Audio input:  (microphone input) 3.6k ohms, -65 dB, AGC
Audio output:  (earphone output) high impedance
Audio frequency response:  100 Hz-10 kHz
Power requirements:   DC, 12 V AC, 117V10 (with use of AC-3400)
Power consumption:   12 W (without AVC-3400)
Dimensions:   11 (w) x 6 3/4 (h) x 11 5/8 (d) in
Weight:   18 1b, 12 oz (with battery pack, tape and reel)

Accessories supplied:
Ac Power Adaptor, AC-3400
Battery Pack, BP-20
Tape, V-30 H
Empty Reel, RH-5E
Earphone, CE-3
Monitor connecting cable, VMC-1M
Polishing Cloth
Splicing Tape
Cleaning Fluid
Head Cleaner
Shoulder Bag

Optional accessory
RF Units:
RFU-53W (for 3 channel)
RFU-54W (for 4 channel)
(Antenna Selector, ANS-1 is supplied.)


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Spaghetti City Video Manual
(click on cover to see a close up of this great cover art)

One of the most useful  books if you are still trying to use a inch machine. This book is historically interesting and has great cover and interior artwork.

 Even if you are not maintaining a inch machine this is  'one of those books' that will give you even more insight into the early video efforts. We, from time to time, have an extra copy at the museum... Contact us.  -Ed Sharpe archivist for SMECC


This is a brochure for the AV-3420CE that was the PAL unit version of the AV-3400


And sometimes you find everything in one place...

 Sony AV-3400 Portapak Video Camera & Recorder

The box is here will be a fine addition to the display here!






Patrick O'Brien, private eye - Los Angles 


THIS UNIT -- It was used by a LOS ANGELES character and private eye in the early 70's by the name of Patrick O'Brien, it comes with tapes and we will try to  see what is on them. Can anyone provide any more info on the owner?



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According to the folks that bought his storage locker and sold us the camera "discovered that he was a private eye, and quite the athlete with numerous esoteric interests including spying and scuba diving as well as under-cover work, martial arts etc., the military, knew a ton about electronics, etc etc etc."

What is on these tapes?



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